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Cast: Jamie Bamber, Daniel Lissing, Lachy Hulme

Director: Kelly Dolen

Genre: Thriller

Year: 2015

Rating: R

Some call him a hero. Some call him a villain. He's John Doe: Vigilante; - an ordinary man who decides to take the law into his own hands. Frustrated with a failing legal system that continues to allow violent criminals to go free, John Doe begins exacting justice the only way he knows how - by killing one criminal at a time. Soon he becomes a media sensation and inspires a group of copycat vigilantes, but who is the real John Doe - a pillar of justice or a cold-blooded murderer? You decide.

As the film opens accused killer, John Doe is already in jail, he is accused of killing 33 people. While he awaits the juries verdict he grants an interview to one of the best reporters in the business.

We get to see what John has done in flashbacks as he tells his side of the story to the reporter and other people who are being interviewed as well in the film. What makes "John Doe: Vigilante" different from every other revenge film is the way the story is told and the questions the film asks about the legal system, the media and whether it is wrong to kill someone that does terrible things to others.

I really enjoyed this film, it asks a lot of questions that gets you thinking and it lasts long after the film is over. Making for a good conversation piece.

Production wise the film is well done and as far as the acting goes, Jamie Bamber was excellent as John Doe and the rest of the supporting cast did a great job as well. So, if you like a good revenge flick that I recommend checking this one out, it keeps you glued to the screen and it also packs a nice twist at the end.

Available on DVD with Special Features that include:

Several Audio Commentaries and Behind the Scenes features as well.

You can order the DVD HERE.

Released by Arc Entertainment

**** Out Of *****