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Cast: Chris Mark (Suicide Squad), Daniel Park (Pacific Rim), Denis Akiyama (Pixels), Melee Hutton (Beautiful People), Jessica Clement (“Pure”), Jason Gosbee (Suicide Squad), Reuben Langdon (Ant-Man) and Alain Moussi (Kickboxer: Vengeance)

Director: James Mark

Genre: Action, Sci-Fi

Year: 2017

Rating: NR

In KILL ORDER, chaos erupts when a group of armed men break into a high school classroom. They target David, a quiet kid who secretly suffers from unexplained memories of a horrifying past. Tapping into a previously unknown strength, David fights off his attackers and goes on the run. With his life and the lives of his loved ones in jeopardy, David must master the use of his new superhuman strength and fighting skills to find the people responsible and get his revenge.

'Kill Order' tells the story of David, a awkward high school student. David has strange dreams of being experimented on and a fiery figure that gives the command to kill. One day while in class a group of armed men enter and threaten the students and the teacher. It is David they are looking for but by doing so they trigger something inside David that turns him into a martial arts killing machine. He then must go on the run and he has to try and figure out what causes his superhuman strength in order to get revenge on those that made him this way.

'Kill Order' is a mixed bag of good and not so good, the film is written and directed by James Mark who has done a lot of stunt work in Hollywood. He cast his younger brother in the film, Chris Mark as David. Chris has also done stunt work in other films as well.

The story itself isn't all that original but Mark does bring some unique ideas to the table. I thought the back story could have been fleshed out a bit more and the characters could have used a bit of work as well. The film clocks in at an hour and 17 minutes. so I think it could have used a little more time to fill in what was missing. But on the flip side the story is really just a vehicle for Mark's stunt work and the action scenes that are scattered throughout the film and all the way to the end. And as expected the fight scenes and stunt work are very well done. The action is exciting and it keeps your attention all the way through the film.

Mark also ends the film with an opening for a sequel. Although 'Kill Order' was not perfect by any means I did enjoy it and would like to see a second film which he hopefully gets a little more budget for.

If you like Action/Sci-Fi then I recommend checking this little Indie out. Just don't expect big things and you will be sure to enjoy it as much as I did. I hope to see more from the Mark brothers, going by this film there is a lot of promise in what is to come.

released by RLJE Entertainment

*** 1/4 Out Of *****