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Cast: Amy Carlson (“Blue Bloods”), Mallory Bechtel (Hereditary), and David Alan Basche (War of the Worlds)

Director: Jamison M.LoCascio

Genre: Horror

Year: 2021

Rating: NR

After discovering an ancient book of the occult in their new home, Donald Capel’s (David Alan Basche) wife Wendy (Amy Carlson) is seized by a demonic entity, nearly killing her. Donald’s niece (Mallory Bechtel) activates a dangerous ritual in the book used to identify and banish demons, a ritual forcing each member of the family to communicate with the demon in their own unique way: to see it, hear it, or speak to it.

As the film opens, we get to see the previous owners of the house as they battle against the demon that resides in their home. Things don't work out well for them. It is a shocking opening scene that sets the tone for what is to come. Moving ahead we are introduced Donald and Wendy Capel as they begin moving into their new home with help from their niece and nephew, Jami and Charlie. While going through boxes left by the previous owners in the basement Wendy finds the book of the occult and becomes possessed with something.

When Wendy's school assistant Nancy comes to the house to return papers she helped grade for Wendy all five get trapped in the home and must figure out hold to rid the demon of their home forever.

'Know Fear' is an ambitious horror film done on a small budget and while the basic idea played out well the film does suffer from some average writing. The first and most obvious problem I had with the film was once they all got trapped inside the house why no one thought to just break a window. If nothing else make it seem like the demon had the windows unbreakable. That though t stuck in my head the entire film.

The film does have some good thinks going for it as well. I liked the idea of using speak, hear and see technique to try and rid the demon and I also like the twist that made it more difficult to do so. Also another thing the film has going for it is the cast. All five actors are great and the film adds some star power to it by having Amy Carlson play Wendy. If you have ever seen the hit TV show, "Blue Bloods" you are sure to recognize her.

So over-all I would say that 'Know Fear' was an average horror film that could have used a little better script. I still think it is worth a watch especially for fans of Independent Horror Films.

'Know Fear' will be available on digital March 12 from Terror Films.

Released by Terror Films

** 3/4 Out Of *****


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