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Cast: Julin Jean, Katie Bosacki, Cameron D. Stewart, Justin Arnold, Taylor Tippins, Mary Catherine Wells, Daniel Walker Rice, Carrie Holland, Tom Young, Jason Duffy Klemm, Tom Zembrod

Director: Mitch Wilson

Genre: Horror

Year: 2016

Rating: NR

Review: Kickboxer: Vengeance By- Stephen Folklore

When college student Neesa and a group of friends stumble across an ancient dice game their first instinct is to roll them bones. Their second instinct is to run for their lives when the demon they summon starts killing them off one by one.

Based on the game played by the Ancient Greeks, “Knucklebones- a game of very ancient origin, usually played with five small objects. Originally the "knucklebones" (actually the astragalus: a bone in the ankle, or hock) were those of a sheep, which were thrown up and caught in various manners.

"Knucklebones" opens in 1944 Germany. A Nazi scientist is attempting to summons a demon and he is successful but the demon, Knucklebones kills everyone in sight. Fast forward a little bit and we see a woman hard at work in a garment factory. She beings hearing noises and decides to go check but is suddenly attacked, Knucklebones is at it again. The scene switches to show a little boy coming out of hiding and everyone is slaughtered around him. As he attempts to leave the factory he is grabbed by Knucklebones and the scene cuts away.

Now we are taken to present day which is 44 years later. We are then introduced to our main character, Neesa who is at a carnival with her boyfriend. When he comes back with a giant bear he won he has bad news for Neesa, he is breaking up with her. Heartbroken and distraught Neesa attempts to kill herself but some how the doctors bring her back after she was dead for six minutes.

After being released from the hospital she gets a visit from her best friend who invites her to come along with four others to that same factory which has been shut down for years. Reluctant at first but Neesa finally agrees to go. Shortly after arriving Neesa begins hearing singing coming from behind a wall. After breaking through the wall they find an old chest that not only has an old Nazi uniform but it also contains a little box that contains human knucklebones and a note saying that was used to summon demons. So what do they do? They draw their devil star and begin the game. At first it seems like nothing is happening then boom, Knucklebones makes makes his grand entrance. That is when the real carnage beings as he takes them out one at a time.

"Knucklebones" is an 80's throwback horror film from Writer/Director, Mitch Wilson. Nowadays it is hard to make a film that is different but this one stands out from the rest for several reasons. First it introduces a new Icon to horror and his name is Knucklebones. He is a wisecracking killing machine. And secondly Wilson has come up with a horror film that is original in story and it totally kicks ass. The practical effects used in the film are fantastic as Knucklebones makes his way through the factory killing the group off in clever and gruesome ways.

The film starts off with a few early killings but then settles down as it introduces us to its characters and sets up the story and the back story of Knucklebones. Then about half way through the action kicks back in and it doesn't stop until the very end. What I really loved about the film was the fact that the story is unique and it offers lots of carnage, laughs and a number of major twists toward the end. I am not going to give anything away here because this one needs to be seen to be appreciated.

And last but not least I have to mention the cast. Everyone in the film did an amazing job including, Scream Queen Julin Jean(Spirit Camp, Boggy Creek, The Final, Killer School Girls from Outer Space, and Cherry Bomb, Justin Arnold and Tom Zembrod to name only a few. "Knucklebones" is an Indie horror done on a low budget but it succeeds and is much more entertaining than most of what Hollywood puts out. If you are a fan of horror than you owe it to yourself to check this out. It has everything, comedy, gore, a kick-ass villain and a story that not only shocks but surprises.

"Knucklebones" is coming to DVD and VOD September 13th, 2016 so be sure to check it out.

Released by Midnight Releasing

**** 1/2 Out Of *****