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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Jay Chou, Charlene Choi, Eric Tsang, Gang Wang, Bo-lin Chen, Chu-he Chen

Director: Yen-ping Chu

Genre: Action/Comedy

Year: 2011

Rating: NR

Orphaned from birth, Fang Shijie (Jay Chou) is raised in a martial arts school and becomes a prodigious master in kung fu. When he is expelled for getting into a fight and destroying a night club, he quickly learns that lightning fast reflexes are good for more than just fighting, He agrees to play for a college basketball team in hopes of finding his long-lost family. After a dazzling display of backboard-breaking slam dunks, alley-oops and gravity-defying shots, he emerges as the team s new star player. However, when faced with a race to the finals against a team of legendary brutality, he soon discovers that skill alone with not bring home the gold.

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Fans of Jay Chou will know he is one of the most popular pop singers in Taiwan and also in the Chinese-speaking region. U.S. movie goers will know him from his role in "The Green Hornet" as Kato. "Kung Fu Dunk" was released in Asia back in 2008 but now it gets a DVD and Blu-ray release here in the states. Compared to the awesome "Shaolin Soccer" which is fair with it's cartoon like action, effects and over the top characters, but it doesn't rise to the level of greatness "Shaolin Soccer" reached. That being said the film manages to be entertaining all on it's own, the film offers love, laughs and a great mix of basketball and kung-fu, the fight scene in the bar is great and it's well choreographed and the basketball scenes are also very well done, mix that with amazing special effects and you have a treat for the eyes.

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The plot of the abandoned orphan who grows up in a kung fu school only to be kicked out and then discovers super stardom playing basketball is fantastic. Even if the idea has been done before the film is still fresh, fun, and highly entertaining. With great action and good dialogue this is a film all ages can enjoy which makes for a great family night. Both the DVD and Blu-ray have Special Features that include:

Behind the Scenes


Jay Chou Interview

English Dub Option

Maybe not perfect but "Kung Fu Dunk" lives up to what it promises, I had a fun time watching it and will revisit it again soon. I highly recommend this to everyone who is just looking for some good entertainment without having to think very much, escapism at it's best.

Released by Well Go USA

*** 1/2 Out Of *****