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Cast: Stephanie Simbari (Funny Girls), Allie Gallerani (The Institute) and Olivia Luccardi ("The Deuce," It Follows, “Orange Is The New Black”), along with Beverly D’Angelo ​ ​ (“Entourage,” National Lampoon franchise)

Director: Brent Craft

Genre: Comedy/Drama/Romance

Rating: R

Lady-Like follows Allie (Simbari), who is simultaneously a hilarious loudmouth and brilliant introvert, as she struggles to find her place at a prestigious university. Hindered by her inclination to simply throw on a pair of sweatpants, order take out, and watch Netflix, Allie effectively eludes the obstacles in her life—preferring gossip and humor to working hard and finding concrete solutions. However, when her best friend and social crutch, Kort (Gallerani), starts dating a transfer student, Allie’s left to fend for herself; drinking, dating, and cursing her way into young womanhood with the tact and grace of a wrecking ball.

'Lady-Like' tells the story of Allie and Kort who are roommates at college as well as best friends. Kort is beautiful, smart and grounded. Allie is also beautiful and smart but not so well grounded. Instead of meeting life's challenges head on she would rather sit at home, watch TV, drink and eat junk food. Plus she has a dirty mind as well as a dirty mouth. When Kort meets a new transfer to their school, Allie helps her land the guy but when the couple begin to get more serious Allie begins to realize she is alone which tales her down an even darker path that ends with her having to face where she is in life and where her future is heading.

'Lady-Like' starts off like any other raunchy comedy/romance but as it moves along it becomes something more than that as it focuses on friendship and what it is like being a young woman today. The film still maintains its humor throughout but the longer it goes the humor takes more of a backseat to the more real life like story.

I had a really good time watching the film. It starts off as a hilarious comedy but it then grows and matures as it moves along, just the way the characters do as well. This is Writer/Director, Brent Craft's feature film debut and it is a good one. He does a great job telling the story and keeping it moving at a nice pace. He also did a great job at mixing the right amount of drama and humor together. I look forward to seeing what he does next.

Another thing that made the film so much fun was the cast. Everyone in the film was amazing but Stephanie Simbari who plays Allie and Allie Gallerani who plays Kort make the film that much better. The two are fantastic together and show great chemistry but they are also amazing apart as well. Stephanie Simbari in particular really shines as the potty mouth roommate. She steals a lot of the scenes in the film.

While the film starts out like so many other college comedies we have seen before it quickly becomes something much more than that. A film with plenty to like including comedy, drama and romance. It is about friendship, falling in love and growing up. If you like a good comedy/drama then this is the film for you. It is well-written and directed and it has a cast that truly delivers. 'Lady-Like' is available now on VOD so be sure to check it out. Released by Craftsmen Media Group.

**** Out Of *****