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Cast: Casper van Dien (Starship Troopers), Shawn Christian ('Days of our Lives'), and Wes Ramsey ('General Hospital’).

Director: Eric Colley

Genre: Action/Crime

Rating: NR

A young woman named Summer witnesses a crime and flees the scene, wrecking her car as she tries to escape. Days later at the hospital, Summer awakens from a coma but has no recollection of the events that put her there. However, she is having some very strange aftereffects…. when the doctors brought her back from the brink of death, she brought back a little something extra: she’s having visions of her future kidnapping and murder! It’s a race against the clock as Summer tries to figure out who she can trust and who is trying to kill her. The most important question of all is: Can she solve her own murder before it happens and save herself?

"Last Seen in Idaho" tells the story of Summer, a young woman who witnesses a murder in an auto repair shop she works at. While trying to escape her car is shot and it crashes and goes up in flames but Summer some how survives the crash. But her almost death experience has given Summer the ability to see her future which in this case could be a good thing or a very bad one. The bad guys which include her ex-husband Lance and his hit man cousin, Brock want to make sure she doesn't regain her memory but as she begins to piece together what happened she becomes more of a liability so the bad guys who work for a mysterious figure who controls just about everything in town decide that Summer must go before she blows the lid off their corruption.

"Last Seen in Idaho" has a terrific opening scene that shows a double murder by the hit man, Brock. The film never really slows down from there but it still manages to develop the characters enough for us to care about them. I also liked the "Dead Zone" like twist to the crime story, it gives the film that something extra which makes it a real pleasure to watch.

One thing that made the movie so good was the cast, Hallie Shepherd does an amazing job playing Summer in both the dramatic scenes and the action scenes as well. She also wrote the film as well which is pretty impressive to say the least. There are many characters involved in the story and everyone in the film did a great job but if I had to point out a few others I would say Wes Ramsey ('General Hospital'), Shawn Christian ('Days of our Lives')and Casper van Dien (Starship Troopers, Sleepy Hollow)were all exceptional.

I thought the film's lengthy run time might be a problem but Director, Eric Colley keeps it moving at a nice pace. It is worth mentioning that Eric also has a small role in the film as well.

"Last Seen in Idaho" is one of those Indie films that I see being a real sleeper hit through good word of mouth. It is a solid crime film with just the right amount of action and tension to keep you glued to the screen. When you sit through an almost two-hour movie, you hope that the ending is going to pay off and it does. The film delivers on all fronts’ make it a must see for action fans.

Last Seen in Idaho" will be on DVD and VOD April 24, 2018. If you are a fan of action then I recommend checking it out. It is a roller-coaster ride backed by an intelligent and clever script.

Released by Breaking Glass Pictures

**** Out Of *****