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Cast: Derek Jamal, Tiff Roma

Director: William Smyth

Genre: Drama

Year: 2014

Rating: NR

A lonely third shift worker's life snaps out of the mundane when he offer a ride to a young prostitute.

"Late Shift" is a new short film written by Mark Cutler, directed by William Smyth, edited by Jon Downs starring Derek Jamal and Tiff Roma. Music by Mark Cutler. Produced by Skip Shea

This four minute Short is simple from the outside but it's two main characters are anything but. They are two lost souls on meet by chance but their lives are affected if only for that moment.

The film does a great job at showing what these two characters are doing and what they are all about in a very short period of time. Both seem stuck inside their own world while the rest of life moves on around them. I was engaged the entire time and was left wanting more.

Derek Jamal and Tiff Roma give subtle yet powerful performances, the film makes you think and it has a lasting affect long after it is over.

"Late Shift" has been accepted to the Rhode Island International Film Festival, which is the only festival in New England that is a Oscar qualifier for Shorts. This is a well-deserved honor for such a classy film. The writing, the score and the acting make this Short a must see. You can visit the film's Facebook page HERE to follow its progress and find out when and where you can check it out.

I was taken in by these characters and I could not stop thinking about them long after the film was over. The film packs an emotional punch rarely seen in cinema so be sure to check it out.

***** Out Of *****