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Cast: Brian Hooks, Devyn Ashley, Tabitha Brown, Darrel Cherney, Roy Hooks

Director: Brian Hooks

Genre: Comedy

Year: 2014

Rating: R

Brian Hooks is a hard luck actor who’s been doing the Hollywood shuffle for way too long. This B-list nobody is tired of waiting for his big shot at fame and fortune. When studio executives shoot down his idea for a new TV show, Brian and his oddball entourage decide to raise the money and produce it themselves. Now, he will have to put on the performance of his life…with the help of all the crazy characters in his head…if he wants to get his chance to be a star.

A lot of you might remember Brian Hooks for such films as High School High (1996), Beloved (1998), Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me (1999), 3 Strikes (2000), Fool's Gold (2008), and the sitcom Eve (2003). "Laughing to the Bank" is written and directed by Brian Hooks. The message here is a serious one, Brian is not the only actor who has not had work for a long time, there seems to be this circle in Hollywood that gets roles while others struggle to find acting jobs in whatever film they can get it. And on the other hand the film is a set-up for Brian to put his acting talents on full display and say to Hollywood, I am still here and look what I have to offer!!

The film finds Brian at his best, the writing he has done is fantastic and his skits like, "Tooters" and "Fataphile" really show the man's full talent. To be honest I was not really expecting much from this film but I ended up enjoying it a lot. I liked that he plays himself and shows a lot of the difficulties an actor has in Hollywood but I loved the fact that he took full advantage of the opportunity bringing his best to the table.

"Laughing to the Bank" is at times rude, crude and offensive but it is also a hilarious good time that any fan of comedy should love. I am not going to sit here and give away all the funny moments because you have to see the film to really enjoy it. I recommend checking it out and I hope this opens some eyes so we get to see a lot more of this talented man soon, it has been way too long.

Laughing to the Bank" is available on DVD with no Special Features but do not let that stop you from picking this up. You can order the DVD HERE.

I am half tempted to call this pure genius, I was not expecting this but I had a great time watching it so do not miss out seeing it.

Released by RLJ Entertainment/Image Entertainment

**** Out Of *****