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Director: Stephen Savage

Genre: Thriller

Year: 2011

Rating: NR

Ari Larsen has resurfaced after a five year absence, still harboring the memories of a scarred childhood. Kidnapped at the age of eleven by her serial killer father, Professor David Larsen, and taken on a three week odyssey of murder and savagery, Ari was left abandoned in the desert. One horrifying fact remains; her father has never been captured. Now, the beautiful young woman with the haunted past has returned to the same house where her father brutally murdered her mother. Following an interview about her best-selling book, a new nightmare enters Ariís world. After the interview airs on national TV, young women begin turning up dead in Ariís home town. The killerís style is eerily reminiscent of Ariís father from years before. Is there a copycat on the loose? Has Professor Larsen returned to resume his reign of terror? Or is Ari really the lunatic that the interview has made her out to be?

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Ari has had a hard life there's no debating that, kidnapped by her father at 11-years-old and having to witness his three week long murder spree while holding a camera and the head of her dead mother in a jar is something no one could ever forget. After being away for five years she comes back home, to the same house her father brutally killed her mother. Ari gets the attention of a news station who wants to interview about her best-selling book but shortly after bodies begin showing up and the killings eerily resemble those of her fathers. When Ari starts having blackouts from her alcohol abuse, something she has done to escape her past, her old doctor wants to put her in the hospital for treatment but she doesn't trust his motives. Speaking of motives there seems to be several characters in the film with their own including her sister and uncle who is the local Sheriff, they not only have an evil plan but also a few secrets each is keeping, even from each other.

The film is a hard one to talk about because there are so many suspects, motives and twists and turns in the film that if I was to say too much it would only ruin the film for those wanting to see it. The suspects are many like I said, there's the sister and uncle who seem to be a very close family, there's Ari herself who after all went through a traumatic event as a kid and she has to still be affected by it and there's also a few other shaky characters who could be doing the killing as well. That's the great think about "Legacy", you are forced to keep guessing till the very end which says a lot about the film and Director, Stephen Savage who has created a tense and very suspense story that keeps you on the edge of your seat.

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The film is filled with mystery, suspense and it's also a bit seductive at times as well. I spoke about the twists in the film already but they are what makes the film so damn good. At almost two hours you never once get bored because there is always something happening and the final twist at the end of the film is fantastic, I never seen it coming. The production is impressive, I don't have the budget numbers on hand but I don't think it was very high but you could never tell by watching the movie. As far as the acting goes, well it was great, the entire cast did a terrific job but the highlight for me was Kyrie Maezumi who plays Ari. This woman is so beautiful and boy does she have some acting talent. I look forward to seeing her in many more films in the future. "Legacy" is a brilliant thriller that succeeds because it does so many things right, it has clever dialogue, a story that instantly draws you in and puts you at the edge of your seat and a cast to match it all. The film won The Best of Festival and Best Actress Awards at the "Idyllwild Film Festival" and for all the reasons I already mentioned above. If you like the genre then this is a film not to be missed when it comes to DVD on July 12th. You can visit Osiris Entertainment HERE for updates on when you can order it.

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**** Out Of *****