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Cast: Jeremy Lin

Director: Evan Leong

Genre: Sports/Documentary

Year: 2013

Rating: PG

In February 2012, an entire nation of basketball fans unexpectedly went `Linsane.' Stuck in the mire of a disappointing season, the New York Knicks did what no other NBA team had thought about doing. They gave backup point guard Jeremy Lin an opportunity to prove himself. He took full advantage, scoring more points in his first five NBA starts than any other player in the modern era, and created a legitimate public frenzy in the process. Linsanity is a moving and inspirational portrait of Jeremy Lin. It chronicles his path to international stardom, the adversities he faced along the way, his struggles to overcome stereotypes and how he drew strength from his faith, family and culture.

"Linsanity" showcases the rise of Jeremy Lin back in early 2012 but it is a lot more than just that. It shows us his humble beginnings when his father had dreams of himself playing in the NBA. He is the reason Jeremy and his brothers got into basketball so early, his father was very passionate about the game.

I am not going to go into every detail of this documentary but I will say this, I live in a town that doesn't have a NBA team and to be honest I am not really a fan of the sport. I watched some of it back in the 70's but I confess to not watching it at all now so what I knew about Lin before watching this was just little things I saw from the media.

But, what I found was an underdog story that was inspirational, this is certainly a feel good story but I also learned that Lin's rise was not something that came overnight. This is a young man that struggled to get noticed his whole life, especially by the NBA because he is Asian and doesn't "fit the mold." Now to me that is quite disturbing but I will let you find out more on that when you see the film. Another thing I learned about Lin is his passion for life, the love of his family and the faith he has in God that keeps him moving forward and it is the reason he never gave up.

He has not been able to reproduce that magic he had back in 2012 but that doesn't make the man any more special, his hard work and determination make him a role model for many young kids who play the game. But I would like to think his role model status goes far beyond any basketball court. Jeremy Lin is a solid man grounded in his faith and his family values. You cannot ask for more than that, if you are a fan of basketball or sports in general you have to see this terrific film. "Linsanity" is available now on DVD, you can order it HERE.

Released by Ketchup Entertainment

***** Out Of *****