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Cast: David Duchovny, Hope Davis, Timothy Hutton

Director: Anthony Fabian

Genre: Drama

Year: 2014

Rating: PG-13

After the unexpected death of their daughter, a couple work to build a state of the art children's hospital where families are welcomed into the healing process.

This inspiring film, based on a true story, finds a couple, John (David Duchovny) and Brenda (Hope Davis) trying to put their life together after the tragic death of their young daughter, Maria (Olivia Steele-Falconer). As they deal with their numbing grief, they discover a way to honor their daughter’s wish for health and well-being for all children. With the help of their community, led by good friend Bruce (Timothy Hutton), they establish a children’s hospital called the Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital… a state-of-the-art health facility that brings the whole family into the healing process. Instead of being torn apart by their tragedy, John and Brenda celebrate their very special daughter and help thousands of children and their families.

"Louder Than Words" tells the story of John and Brenda who have triples which consists of a boy and two girls, the triplets are getting ready to move away to attend school and a younger daughter, Maria. After Maria dies from a rare case of Rabies it tears the family apart. They all grieve in their own way but the lack of communication is what causes lots of tension. One day when John is reading Maria's journal that she wrote in every day he stumbles over an entry that has Maria talking about Christmas and what she would want. She doesn't ask for much but what really stands out is her out pouring of love for everyone else. She hopes all children around the world are happy and healthy. This gives her dad an idea, to build a first class Children's Hospital in her name. This turns their tragedy into something the entire family and be a part of and it acts as a way for them to all heal together and begin talking again.

"Louder Than Words" is a heart breaking tale of one family's loss but it is also an inspiring film as well the way they got together for such a good cause. I really enjoyed the film and was immediately sucked into their lives right from the start. Not only was the hospital a great tribute to young Maria but the film was as well because it showed her great spirit and love for everyone, she was indeed a very special girl. This is not going to be a film for everyone but if you like a good drama or films that are based on true stories then I highly recommend checking this one out.

Acting wise everyone in the film did a great job including, David Duchovny, Timothy Hutton and Hope Davis but I thought Olivia Steele-Falconer stole the show fro the brief time she was in the film. A true talent and I hope to see her again very soon.

"Louder Than Words" is available now on DVD with Special Features that include:

Behind The Scenes


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Released by Arc Eentertainment

*** 1/2 Out Of *****