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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Lyne Renee, Margot Kidder, Michael Bowen, Noah Segan

Director: John Daly

Genre: Thriller

Year: 2011

Rating: NR

Harry is a young artist who lives with his overprotective widowed mother, Beth. But when a sexy divorcee moves next-door, Beth's paranoia triggers a chain of events that will shatter their worlds forever. What is the shocking secret behind Harry's recurring nightmares? What really happened to his long-dead father? And what horror is Beth capable of when pushed too far?

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"Love at First Kill" was originally released in 2008 under the name "The Box Collector." The story follows a young, grown man, Harry who's an aspiring artist but all he seems to paint are portraits of cardboard boxes, he lives with his over-protective mother, Beth who is both crazy and dangerous. When a beautiful young divorced woman moves in next door with her little girl Harry is immediately taken in by her but his mother doesn't like her or her little girl and the closer Harry becomes to his new neighbor the crazier his mother becomes. Harry loves his mom even with her over-bearing qualities but after he meets Maria he begins to get a little angry at his mother as well for attempted to separate them. These are the three main characters in the film but it also introduces a few others like Beth's best friend and Tarot reader who is just about as nutty as she is and Maria's abusive ex-husband who shows up. All the characters in the film are a bit out there which is the film's strongest attribute, the story does have a bit of mystery to it but by the time the climax comes you are in a confused state more than anything. The acting is very good from all involved but Margo Kidder steals the show here as the mother, Beth. She has a disturbing humor about her at times which easily makes her the most enjoyable character.

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I have to give "Love at First Kill" some credit for being original and having a twist ending that I never saw coming but I think with a little better writing there could of been something special here. Still I think the film is worth at least a rental especially for those looking for something a bit different as far as thrillers go. The DVD doesn't come with any extras but you can order it HERE.

The ultimate disappointment here is the film never really goes anywhere and instead of the twist being the pay-off at the end it just ends up confusing the viewer more, still you could do a lot worse and I thing the film itself is worth seeing for the cast alone.

Released by Anchor Bay Entertainment

** 1/2 Out Of *****