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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Teyana Taylor, Mekhi Phifer, Brian Hooks, Kellita Smith, Lawrence Adisa

Director: Ronnie Warner

Genre: Comedy/Drama/Romance

Year: 2013

Rating: NR

Ali (Lawrence Adisa), is a struggling real estate agent and ladies man who has never desired to commit to anyone or anything. One night while out with his buddy Chris (Omar Miller), Ali meets and falls for Sandrine (Davetta Sherwood), a single mother who works hard and is looking for love. Aliís best friend Joel (Brian Hooks) and his wife (Tangi Miller) are happy to see Ali cut off his line of women, while Sandrineís best friend Steph (Teyana Taylor) is unenthusiastic about Sandrine welcoming a man into her home to meet her son and mother (Kelita Smith). With a declining real estate career and issues with his new relationship, Ali starts questioning just how committed heís willing to be. One important meeting with real estate mogul James Johnson (Mekhi Phifer) could change his life for forever. For the first time it looks like Ali may make a transformation if he can steer clear of obstacles. In the end will love conquer all? Or will broken hearts be all thatís left of their romance?

"The Love Section" follows Ali, a man whose career in real estate is struggling at the moment with the bad economy. Ali is also a ladies man, He would rather have a few women on the side than settle down with just one which is something he also struggles with. His best friend, Chris is very happily married, the two get together all the time to play a game of chess and to discuss Ali's latest adventures. But things begin to change for Ali when he meets Sandrine, a single mom who is attending school and is only 20 yrs. old which makes her a bit younger than Ali. The closer the two get and the more complicated things seem to be for Ali between his job and the fact that committing to a real relationship has always been hard for him begins to drive the two apart. But just as Ali begins to see that he has found the woman of his dreams Sandrine's mom becomes ail with breast cancer. Deeply effected by her mom's sickness Sandrine drives Ali away, she tells him that things are too complicated in her life right now to focus on their relationship. Both know they love each other deeply but will their love be able to withstand life's problem?

"The Love Section" is a film that contains plenty of romance, laughs and drama. The laughs mostly come from Brian Hooks and his character, Chris. The romance is everywhere, love is definitely in the air and the drama as well as a few tears come from the hardships the character Sandrine faces as well as the problems her and Ali face as their relationship grows. Besides the outrageous and hilarious best friend the film is pretty grounded in reality as far as relationships go and dealing with the deck of cards that life hands us all.

The film also leaves a strong and important message about breast cancer awareness, as frightening as it is the film reminds women that it is very important to be checked.

The film shows us that love can not only be complicated at times but hilarious as well. A perfect blend of love, laughter and drama that will have all your emotions flowing. It provides plenty of humor but the story also pulls at the heart-strings as well. With Valentines Day drawing near I couldn't help but think of this as a perfect film for that day.

The cast did a great job playing these very likable characters including, Lawrence B. Adisa who is not only amazing as Ali but he also wrote the story as well based on his own life experiences. Brian Hooks is hilarious as Chris, it was really great to see him again and Davetta Sherwood is fantastic as Sandrine, what a talented and beautiful actress she is. The rest of the supporting cast were all amazing as well. I certainly look forward to seeing what everyone involved in the film has coming next but in the meantime I highly recommend checking this out now. "The Love Section" is a film that the guys will enjoy as much as the ladies. You can order the DVD HERE.

Released by Image Entertainment

**** Out Of *****