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Cast: David Keyes, Darran Cockrill, Stewart Tighe Amy Comper

Director: Ross Shepard

Genre: Drama/Thriller

Year: 2014

Rating: NR

LOW tells the terrifying story of one woman's struggle to break free from her dangerous and disturbed captor. A chance encounter between two lost souls spirals into a violent, horrifying game of cat and mouse. Alice, a lonely girl from the city, wanders the countryside harbouring a dark secret. She is taken hostage by Edward, a deeply troubled outsider. Edward becomes infatuated with Alice, determined to show her a secret of his own, and pull her further into the horrifying nightmare he is trying to create. Desperate to escape, Alice fights with everything she can to free herself from Edward's oppressive grasp. As the two of them embark on their harrowing journey together, they discover shocking truths and hidden secrets. Together, they become entwined in a twisted form of therapy, one in which innocent people will die.

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"Low" opens with a strange looking man in a suit running on a lonely country road, He is bloody and seems very distraught. The film quickly switches to the opening credits and then to a young woman who is walking the country side with a bag in hand. After the two meet in a field we find out that her name is Alice and the man's name is Edward. Edward acts very nervous and odd which makes Alice a bit uncomfortable but when she attempts to get away from him Edward grabs her and makes her his hostage.

This is not your typical "psycho grabs a young woman and makes her hostage" film, this is much more intelligent than that. The film about two lost souls both have a dark secret about something they did. We find out pretty early what Edward's secret is because he takes Alice to see where his secret took place and then he tells her what happened but by doing so it pretty much sealed the deal on him never letting her go. We do not find out about the dark secret Alice is hiding until a little bit later but there is a hint of it very early on in the film.

"Low" is not what I would call a horror film, it is more a story and character driven thriller. The story uses flashbacks to fill us in on the lives of Alice and Edward, this is very important because at first we do not really know why this two are where they are especially Alice who is a city girl. The more you learn about the characters and what happened to them that brought them both to this dark point in their lives the more unnerving the story becomes. Alice's secret in particular is one that delivers the biggest shock. I am not giving away many plot details here on purpose because to do so would only ruin the film for those of you wanting to see it when it comes to DVD on March 25th.

"Low" is a Indie thriller from U.K. Director, Ross Shepard. What Ross did not have in budget he made up for in story and well developed characters that you immediately have feelings for. The story is a slow burn as it gives a little piece of the puzzle away at a time and by doing so it builds on suspense and tension as it moves along. The film is short compared to most with a run time of one hour and four minutes but it does not waste a second of that time on needless drama or violence. There is not much blood in the film and the violence is only there when the story requires it but you are going to have a hard time finding a more frightening film. This is a masterpiece in every sense of the word, a Independent gem that gets in your head and it does not leave until long after the film is over. "Low is an intelligent man's thriller that gets you guessing and thinking the entire time as you remain on the edge of your seat waiting to find out Alice's fate.

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Let's face it, a lot of movies claim to be this or that and after you see them you are usually disappointed. While I had the opposite reaction to this film, everything a bout floored me. From Its amazing story-telling to its beautiful cinematography plays plays as a third character, to its fantastic lead actors, David Keyes and Amy Comper. I really look forward to what director, Ross Shepard has coming next but in the mean time I cannot recommend seeing "Low" enough. A knockout of a thriller that is both horrifying and unsettling. You can Pre-order the DVD HERE.

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***** Out Of *****