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Cast: Brea Grant (12 Hour Shift), Dhruv Uday Singh (“Good Trouble”), Kausar Mohammed (What Men Want), Hunter C. Smith (Alien Expedition), and Kristina Klebe (Hellboy)

Director: Natasha Kerman

Genre: Horror/Thriller

Year: 2021

Rating: NR

A suburban woman fights to be believed as she finds herself stalked by a threatening figure who returns to her house night after night. When she can't get help from those around her, she is forced to take matters into her own hands.

'Lucky' has a lot to say about women in today's world and what they have to deal with on a daily basis, it may not be so black and white as the movie plays out as a horror/thriller about a woman who is being attacked every night by some masked man.

Brea Grant stars as May and she also wrote the film as well so all the messages in the film are coming from a woman but it is the execution that lacks. The film starts off promising enough when May and her husband Ted are attacked in the middle of the night. An argument ensues over what happened as Ted explains this guy in a mask comes every night to try and kill her. Ted leaves and from then on May has to go it alone. There is one scene in a parking garage that tells May and the audience that She is not alone finding her battles...alone.

'Lucky' is full of these little messages but as a horror/thriller it is just too little to keep an audience engaged the entire time. I was left feeling a bit empty in regards to what I just watched and how the film didn't explain itself more at the end. But I suppose that was the whole idea of the film. To get people to think about things they might otherwise ignore.

Either way I think most people are going to bored of the film due to its repetitiveness before getting to the end. 'Lucky' is a well made film with good acting and a few good kills but I don't think it will be enough for those looking for a horror/thriller to watch. The film will be available on VOD, Digital and DVD Aug. 3.

Released by RLJE Film

** 3/4 Out Of *****