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Cast: Alana O'Mara, Cristina Corigliano, Morissa O'Mara, Nicole Zeoli, Sharon Hinnendael

Director: Jim Valdez

Genre: Horror/Thriller

Year: 2014

Rating: R

The desert of Los Ranchos, CA isn't your standard spring break hot spot, but it's party time when a young girl's wealthy father gives her the keys to his amazing desert ranch oasis. She and her hot girlfriends plan a wild spring break vacation getaway to take advantage of this lavish vacation pad. During the drive to the house, the girls find themselves terrorized by a mysterious black muscle car on the highway. They soon realize they have been lured into a sick game of high-octane terror. Machine Head unleashes a hell unlike anything they ve ever seen. The girls will do whatever it takes to cross the finish line alive and get the checkered flag!

"Machine Head" tells the story of three friends, Rachel, Mila and Chloe. The three best friends do not have the time to meet up anymore because each attends a different college so Rachel's dad arranges for the girls to enjoy a week of fun at a client's house in the middle of the desert but it comes with a catch. Rachel must take her two younger sisters along with her but it does not seem to be that big a deal at the time.

Everything seems to be going as planned, the girls get on the road and Rachel has her boyfriend and two other guys coming up in the evening but while driving the girls get harassed by someone in a muscle car which then drives away. They see the car once again when Rachel's sister has to stop to use the bathroom but after arriving at the house the girls quickly forget about the car and begin enjoying the booze and the pool. But things do not stay normal for long, soon they begin hearing noises outside and the doorbell keeps ringing but when they answer it no one is there. What seems like a prank at first soon becomes something much more dangerous.

I was pretty impressed by the film's trailer so I was interested in watching it, that feeling was only made better by the film's opening scene but after that the film slowed down to introduce the story and characters but it never recovered from there.

All I will say is that the story remains dormant for way too long after that and all that I got to see was the three girls walking around the house, looking out windows and complaining. And when the action did arrive it was way too lame to get excited over.

The only things remotely good about the film was the hot ladies, the little bit of nudity plus and the cast did a pretty good job considering what they had to work with. Other than those few things the film never goes anywhere and the action comes in way too late and is just too tame to get excited over. If you are interested the DVD is available with Special Features that include:

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You can order it HERE.

This is a hard film to recommend and it is definitely below average compared to others like it. The film does have a twist at the end but it is not enough to save it.

Released by Anchor Bay Entertainment

** Out Of *****