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Cast: Brea Grant (Halloween II, Lucky, “Dexter"), Parry Shen (“General Hospital,” Better Luck Tomorrow, Hacket), and Richard Riehle (The Man From Earth, Casino, Office Space)

Director: Jason R. Miller

Genre: Comedy/Horror/Sci-Fi

Year: 2022

Rating: NR

Working in their garage, indie entrepreneurs Madeline and Owen discover the secret of time travel. There's only one hitch: a bug in the code creates a new copy of Madeline at the same time every day.

'Madelines' tells the story of Madeline and her husband Owen who have just sent an orange into the future and brought it back. But there seems to be a disagreement on when to try to send flesh and return it. With their financial backer, Rory getting nervous and wanting results Owen talks Madeline into using a mouse and it doesn't survive the journey Madeleine gets a bit anrgy at Owen. So while looking through the codes to see what might have gone wrong and drinking a bit too much wine Madeline thinks she found the error and after correcting it decides to use herself as the lab rat.

The couple are overjoyed when she is able to go in to the future and return but what the don't know is another error will bring back a new Madeline every day at the same time for 3600 days. Now they must scramble to solve the problem before the new, anrgy Madeleines kills them both.

'Madelines' is a Comedy/Horror/Sci-Fi with themes from films like Back to The Future and Timecop but it also brings its own ideas and its unique humor and charm to the table. The film was shot on a limited budget with only a few locations and a cast of three but Director, Jason R. Miller makes the most of the story which he co-wrote with Brea Grant who stars as Madeleine alongside Parry Shen who plays Owen, and Richard Riehle who plays Rory. All three are terrific and they make the film a joy to watch.

The film isn't perfect and some of the jokes are hits while others miss the mark but over all I found the story to be entertaining and the characters likable. I recommend checking out this little gem when it opens Limited in Theaters and on Digital | Video On Demand 4/1/22. The cast looked like they had a blast making the film and it makes it that much more enjoyble. I look forward to seeing what this talented director and the cast have coming next.


*** 3/4 Out Of *****

GRA_Madelines_Trailer_200_23976.mp4 from BOSSK PRODUCTIONS, LLC on Vimeo.