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Cast: Alice Lucy, Max Rüdlinger, Casper Van Dien

Director: Johannes Hartmann/Sandro Klopfstein

Genre: Action/Adventure/Comedy

Year: 2021

Rating: NR

This wicked odyssey of blood and cheese puts a new spin on the classic tale of “Heidi,” finding our heroine (Alice Lucy) all grown-up and living an idyllic life in the Swiss Alps with her beloved grandfather (David Schofield) far above an increasingly-dystopian landscape presided over by Our Very Swiss Leader (Casper Van Dien) - a ruthless dictator bent on world domination through dairy. But when her goat-herding lover (Kel Matsena) is brutally murdered by government thugs for distributing illegal cheese, Heidi embarks on a wild quest for vengeance that will bring her toe-to-toe against fierce female prison inmates, cheese-fueled Swiss super-soldiers, ninja nuns, and more, as she fights to take down the tyrannical regime and restore freedom to Switzerland.

What can one say about 'Mad Heidi' That hasn't already been said in the trailer. It truly is the cheesiest film ever. Luckily for us everyone is in on the joke or jokes. The entire cast embrace their over the top characters and you can tell they are having a blast which is contagious.

One thing I would like to know is why is this only the second feature film for Alice Lucy? She kicks ass as Heidi and Casper Van Dien chews up the screen with his over the top performance as the leader wanting to take over the world with his Swiss Cheese. The rest of the cast were all terrific as well. The film is full of action, a ton of blood and some awesome kills.

Mad Heidi will open on screens across the United States from Fathom Events. The film will also be available across Canada at select Cineplex locations.

North American Theatrical Release: Wednesday, June 21, 2023 7:00 pm Local Time

If you have the chance to catch it on the big screen I highly recommend doing so. If you are a fan of Grind house and exploitation films then you owe it to yourself to check out this gem. 'Mad Heidi' is a blast of our pleasure and I hope they do a sequel soon.

Fathom Events, Raven Banner Releasing and Swissploitation Films

**** Out Of *****