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Cast: Gregg Jakobson, Dianne Lake, Charles Manson

Director: Tom O'Dell

Genre: Documentary/Biography

Year: 2019

Rating: NR

MANSON: MUSIC FROM AN UNSOUND MIND reveals the astonishing, untold story of Charles Mansonís remarkable rise in the 1960s music world, examines the rock legends who supported him, and shines a light on Mansonís own recordings for the first time.

When career-criminal Charles Manson was released from prison in 1967 after a ten-year stretch, he headed straight into the heart of San Francisco during the Summer of Love. He had one goal - to become a rock star. The film follows Mansonís journey from the Haight-Ashbury to the Sunset Strip, recording sessions in Hollywoodís most illustrious studios and auditioning for the most powerful figures in the music industry. It reveals the untold story of his musical ambitions, his close friendship with Beach Boysí drummer Dennis Wilson, and the fear and pain that spread through his Los Angeles contacts once they discovered the darker side of the man they called "The Wizard.Ē As Mansonís dreams fell apart, it would lead to his descent into violence and chaos.

Charles Manson's story has been told many times in many ways through television, documentaries, movies and print but 'Manson: Music From an Unsound Mind' takes a look from a different angle. It shows the audience and asks the question what if his failed music career some how pushed him over the edge and to murder. Most people already know Manson's story even his musical aspirations but many may not know just how close he really was to realizing his dreams.

I think after watching the film that if not for his damaged mind he might have gotten a record contract. There is one point in the film where he is called in to audition for the Beach Boys who had just launched a label and were looking for artists to sign but their producer said afterwards that he was too difficult to work with and producing him would be near impossible.

So while I think his failed dreams had something to do with pushing him over the edge I think it was more the changing of times and his fascination with The Beatles songs he took and used to push his on agenda. That coupled with not taking rejecting very well finally sent him over the edge.

'Manson: Music From an Unsound Mind' is a well done, well researched and well-told film that traces Manson's musical "journey" and the music of the time that not only shaped his sound but his path to murder. It is a fascinating study of his mind and what his thought process was at the time and how it all changed as the times changed.

I enjoyed the film and was engaged the entire time. I think anyone that knows about Manson will find new and interesting facts from this new documentary from Writer/Director, Tom O'Dell. No one knows what course his life might have taken had he been able to get a recording deal but for my money I don't think it would have helped but it might have delayed his downward spiral.

The film uses old footage, song audio from Manson and it interviews many people including Manson Family member Dianne Lake, Mansonís fellow inmate from 1966, Phil Kaufman and many more to help tell its story. This is a tragic tale in so many ways and one I was taken in by and I think many others will be too so if this interests you I recommend checking it out.

Released by Vision Films

***** Out Of *****