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Cast: Charles Bronson, James Flavin, Ludwig Stössel

Director: Various

Genre: Crime/Drama

Year: 2018

Rating: NR

In 1958 a young Charles Bronson came to ABC-Television in the fast-paced action drama “Man With A Camera” which was loosely based on the popular radio series “Casey, Crime Photographer” starring Staats Cottsworth and the earlier TV series “Crime Photographer” starring Darren McGavin. Bronson played Mike Kovac, a former WWII combat photographer now freelancing in New York City, who specialized in getting the photographs that other lensmen couldn’t. His assignments came from newspapers, insurance agencies, the police and private individuals, all of whom wanted a filmed record of an event. His cases always lead to danger, usually involving a good-looking damsel in distress.

Kovac’s police liaison was Lieutenant Donovan, well played by James Flavin, who looked to the freelance cameraman for help with the cases the cops couldn’t handle. To the viewer’s delight, Kovac employed the latest photographic technology to solve a case, including a Minox III mini-camera fastened to his belt; fisheye and telephoto lenses; and various other cutting-edge technologies; even converting the trunk of his car into a portable darkroom where he could develop his negatives on the spot. Character actor Ludwig Stossel starred as Kovac’s immigrant father Anton, to whom Kovac frequently came for advice.

I have to admit I had never seen this series until now and I enjoyed it. The show which lasted for 29 Episodes was an engaging crime/drama with interesting stories and characters and of course how could you go wrong with Charles Bronson.

A bit dated but I thought it held up well as long as you take its age into consideration. The show also featured many of the stars of its time like Angie Dickinson, Richard Gaines and Tom Laughlin to name only a few.

'Man with a Camera' is available now for the first time on DVD and Digital. If you enjoyed the shows from yesteryear then I suggest you give this a try. I think you will find it as entertaining as I did.

MPI Media Group

**** Out Of *****