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Cast: Paulie Rojas, Nancy Wolfe, Maria Olsen

Director: Jason Bognacki

Genre: Horror/Fantasy

Year: 2016

Rating: NR

When Jordyn celebrates her eighteenth birthday, she quickly discovers she should have been more careful with what she wished for. She always thought she was an orphan, raised by her aunt who ruins Jordynís birthday celebration by screaming at the top of her lungs and plunging a cake knife into her chest. But her auntís attempted suicide is only the beginning Ė soon, Jordyn realizes she is being pursued by a malevolent supernatural force, a hideous witch who follows Jordyn everywhere she goes and is poised to initiate Jordyn into some truly twisted occult secrets. Jordyn has always wondered where she came from, but is she really prepared to discover what that is?

As the film opens, we see a Coven of Witches as the walk out of a cave with a newborn child. This is the opening to "Mark of the Witch" which tells the story of Jordyn who was raised by her aunt, she always thought she was an orphan but on her eighteenth birthday things for her begins to change drastically and not in a good way. Her aunt has always protected her and has kept the truth about her mother from her but now that Jordyn is a woman her aunt must tell her the truth and prepare her for what is to come. Jordyn is already feeling strange things and seeing them as well, and it all starts during her birthday party when her aunt attempts to kill herself with a knife. And then she realizes she is being followed by a supernatural force in the form of a witch? But whom is it and what do they want with Jordyn? She will have to find out before she becomes another.

"Mark of the Witch" is a Giallo style horror that is hard to look away from. The story is pretty straight forward but it still has a good bit of mystery and suspense about it. The film itself is beautiful, the cinematography is top notch and the strange way the story is told makes for an engaging watch.

This isn't going to be for everyone, those who like Giallo are sure to enjoy it but I also recommend it to fans of Independent cinema as well and of course for anyone that might be looking for something a bit different to watch. The film's original titles "Another" is a better fit but I understand why they changed the title.

The film is a bit over the top at times and some the dream like sequences along with the slow motion scenes might be a bit much for some but I really enjoyed the style and overall feel the film brought with it. Another thing I found to be very good was the cast, Paulie Rojas is fantastic as Jordyn the young lady that doesn't understand what is happening to her. Nancy Wolfe is sensational as the aunt and Maria Olsen is brilliant as always, she always plays a powerful and evil villain, she must love these roles. The rest of the supporting cast all did a fine job as well.

"Mark of the Witch" is a cross between Omen and any Giallo horror with its strange horror elements and its sexual tensions as well. I wouldn't say it is the best of its kind but I did enjoy the overall weirdness it brought and atmosphere it created.

Available now on VOD so if it sounds like something you might like then check it out.

Released by Epic Pictures

*** 1/2 Out Of *****