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Cast: May Kelly, Danielle Scott, and Christine Ann Nyland

Director: Jason Arber

Genre: Horror

Year: 2023

Rating: NR

A radio host and her crew set out to discover the truth behind some disappearances for a true crime show. They will soon learn that there is far more to discover when they meet Mary and her lamb. Who will make it out alive of this house of horrors?

Carla hosts a radio show dealing with researching cold cases. Lately her show isn't getting the ratings it once did so her boss has threatened to shut the show down which means Carla and her team of four may be losing their jobs. After seeing a story online about a couple who when missing in the local woods Mary decides to take her team and investigate in hopes of saving all their jobs. Once they enter the woods they get lost until the discover a little house in the middle of nowhere. The Home belongs to Mary who lives in the home with her "deformed" son. Now Carla and her team will be hunted by Mary's little lamb.

We all know how the nursery rhyme goes but this one brings along a new face of horror. This little lamb isn't little at all. This is big, has a bad attitude and swings an axe.

There has been a string of children tales turn into horror movies and this is the latest. The film is basically a slasher film with a mean and creepy looking lamb and Mary is a bit creepy as well. The films wastes no time in getting to the action with scenes of missing couples being tortured by Mary and her son. Then it slows to introduce Carla and her team and set up what might be the beginning of their end. The low budget film is well made and the cast including, May Kelly, Danielle Scott, and Christine Ann Nyland get good performances. They could have taken a bit more time on the story because Mary's back story doesn't make any sense and it could have used some better kills along with more blood but those can be fixed if they decide to do a sequel.

Over-all this "Mary had a Little Lamb" may just give you nightmares with its disturbing lamb and his half baked mother. If horror is your thing then be sure to check out this fun, entertaining, vicious and demented take on the old nursery rhyme. MARY HAD A LITTLE LAMB releases October 3 on Digital and DVD from Uncork’d Entertainment.

Released by Uncork’d Entertainment

*** 1/4 Out Of *****