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Cast: Jeff Ryan (Orange Is the New Black), Charlie Pollock (The Good Wife), Michelle Veintimilla (Gotham), Louis Cancelmi (Billions) Destry Allyn (I Know This Much Is True), Scott Swayze (Brooklyn Moving Company), and Geena Santiago (YouthMin).

Director: Jeff Ryan and Arielle Cimino

Genre: Horror/Comedy

Year: 2020

Rating: NR

A group of salem witch trial reenactors find themselves at the center of a modern day witch hunt.

It is Halloween day in modern day Salem. The streets all full of Tourists as a group of reenactors plan to do their version on the witch trails. Paige along with her friends are about to do their thing for a group of drunken tourists but as she curses one of them the young man gets sick and falls over dead. The group form a leech mob the group of actors must take to the streets in order to stay alive until help arrives but as more tourists begin to die the mob gets more determined to catch Paige and her friends and make them pay.

'Mass Hysteria' is a comedy/horror film with a short-run time of 66 minutes. Director's Arielle Cimino and Jeff Ryan take full advantage of the time and there is no wasted seconds on unnecessary drama.

The film is full of dark humor with some horror but most of the bloody action is right near the end of the film. There is also a bit of a mystery going on as you wonder why these people are all dying. That secret is kept until toward the end of the film and it was a nice twist to the proceedings.

I found the film which was written by Jonathan T. Coleman and Christopher O'Connell to be entertaining from start to finish. The acting in the film is great along. Geena Santiago is fantastic as Paige and the rest of the cast are great as well including, Jeff Ryan, Charlie Pollock, Michelle Veintimilla, Louis Cancelmi, Destry Allyn, Scott Swayze, and Geena Santiago

'Mass Hysteria' is the perfect movie to add to your collection of Halloween films you watch every year. Emerging genre distributor The Horror Collective will release 'Mass Hysteria' on VOD on October 1st. I highly recommend checking out this hilarious thrill ride. You can pre-order the film HERE.

**** Out Of *****