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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Bob Colonna, David Sullivan, Melissa Penick, Jerry Bisantz

Director: Christian de Rezendes

Genre: Drama

Year: 2013

Rating: NR

"Memories For Sale" is a Short Film from Director, Christian de Rezendes. It is based off the Award-Winning Play by Jerry Bisantz. The story is about a writer, Charlie who has spent the last four years working on a book about legendary comedian Sid Freedman. Charlie is married and has a child on the way so he really needs this book to sell well but when the publisher tells him that there isn't enough "juicy" tidbits Charlie's agent arranges a meeting with Sid and his granddaughter in hopes of getting the scoop on a rumor about Sid's wife.

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To say anymore about the film would only ruin the surprises for those of you out there who want to see it but I can tell you that this 25 minute Short is pretty damn perfect. I didn't know what the film was about when I received it from Director, Christian de Rezendes so I decided to just watch it and find without reading anything about it and I am glad I did because no amount of reading can prepare you for a story and acting like this. It's a story about trust, betrayal and never ending love, it's funny and heart-felt and it's one of those films that grabs your attention right from the start and doesn't let you go till the very end. There's no action, explosions or fancy effects here instead this is a down to earth, believable, realistic and and remarkable story about an aging man who wants to protect those he loved. The film is very funny at times, the old comedian reminded me a bit of the film "The Sunshine Boys." Bob Colonna is amazing as Sid but he is not alone, David Sullivan is just as terrific as Charlie and together they are brilliant. Jerry Bisantz as the agent and Melissa Penick as the granddaughter are both fantastic as well.

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Writer, Jerry Bisantz and Director, Christian de Rezendes have taken Bisantz's Award-Winning Play and they have created a soon to be Award-Winning Short Film. Once this hits the Festival circuit a lot more people are going to hear about so do yourself a favor and keeps your eyes open for this terrific film. You can keep up with the film's progress by visiting it's Official site HERE. "Memories For Sale" is what great storytelling and film making are all about, I applaud Director, Christian de Rezendes and his entire cast and crew for creating a piece of cinema that has lasting effects.

Released by Breaking Branches Pictures

***** Out Of *****