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Cast: William Baldwin (Backdraft, Flatliners, Sliver), Richard Grieco (“21 Jump Street”), Bill Moseley (The Devil’s Rejects), John Hennigan (Never Leave Alive), Dominique Swain (Astro), Viva Bianca (“Spartacus : War of the Damned”), Jared Cohn (Pernicious) and Christopher Judge (“Stargate SG-1”)

Director: Christopher Ray

Genre: Action/Horror

Year: 2018

Rating: NR

What happens when a night of fun turns into a night of horror? Seven friends and a mysterious backpacker converge at a desolate ski lodge in the mountains and as the clock begins the countdown to the New Year, they discover that the end of the old year may be the end of all their years as they are systematically hunted down by ruthless masked men with a deadly agenda.

'Minutes to Midnight' tells the story of seven friends and a mysterious back packer who is new in town and looking for his lost brother. It is New Year's Eve and the young group decides to head up to an empty ski lodge to celebrate the new year despite being told there is a server storm heading their way and they should leave the lodge immediately.

What the group doesn't know is there are three ruthless killers on the loose who are out for blood. Now the group will have to fight in order to survive the night and make it out alive.

'Minutes to Midnight' is advertised as being similar to the film, "The Strangers." While there are similarities this film brings a lot of its own ideas to the table. The film isn't perfect and it ends up suffering from a lot of the same flaws many other slasher films suffer but it still manages to be a fun hour and a half with action, suspense, drama, tension and lots of blood. Some of the kills happen off screen but that never takes away from the film and there were plenty of kills and blood to make any fan happy.

Another thing that made this an enjoyable flick was the cast. The young cast did a terrific job playing their roles and the veteran actors such as, William Baldwin, Richard Grieco and Bill Moseley bring some star power to the line up. It was nice seeing Baldwin and Grieco again on screen.

The film looks and sounds great and the effects used were all very good. I do wish there was more on screen killings but like I said earlier there is still enough to please all you horror fans out there. The film will have you wondering why these three masked killers are out hunting the group of seven but its secrets are revealed toward the end of the film with a few twists tossed in as well.

'Minutes to Midnight' is a blood soaked slasher film that will keep you at the edge of your seat until the end credits begin to roll. I had a lot of fun watching this one and I recommend it to all fans of horror. It isn't perfect but it definitely delivers on what it promises so be sure to check it out when it comes to VOD 7/3/18.

Released by Uncork’d Entertainment

*** 3/ 4 Out Of *****