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Cast:Andrew Howard, C. Thomas Howell, Cerina Vincent, Elisa Donovan, Jason Wiles, Jeff Branson

Director: Steven R. Monroe

Genre: Action | Thriller

Year: 2014

Rating: NR

Reagan Tyler is a man troubled by visions and premonitions. In a cheap Las Vegas motel, he meets Monika, a beautiful young woman with seduction and revenge on her mind. Their brief encounter draws Reagan into a surreal cat-and-mouse hunt for the hit-man who had earlier murdered Monika’s sister. In the best tradition of grind-house action, Monika takes Reagan on her mission for justice and she isn’t afraid to spill blood along the way. In this full throttle assassin-meets-assassin showdown, Monika packs a secret more powerful than her guns…she just may be invincible.

"Monika" is a Grind house-style revenge film but its story sets it apart from all the rest. This will be a good thing or a bad thing depending on how you like its twists and story line. I thought it was clever but the film could have been better as well.

The film tells the story of Monika, a beautiful young woman hell bent on getting revenge after her sister is killed. Reagan is another main character in the film, he gets sucked into Monika's plan when his friend invites him to come out to Vegas. The two meet and immediately hit it off.

To talk too much about the plot here would only ruin the surprises that await, in fact I suggest not reading anything about the story anywhere until you have seen it for yourself.

I already mentioned that the film could of been better but let me go into that a little more here. For starters the pacing could of been a bit better and the film could of used some more action scenes because it seems to drag a bit at times. On the good side the story does keep you guessing some and the action scenes that are in the film are both exciting and brutal.

Acting wise Cerina Vincent and Jason Wiles are both excellent as Monika and Reagan and the rest of the supporting cast all did a fine job as well.

"Monika" is not the best of its kind but it is an entertaining revenge film that keeps you interested even during it's down times so if you like the genre give it a try.

Available now on DVD, you can order it HERE.

Released by Inception Media

*** Out Of *****