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Cast: Natasha Esca ("Narcos: Mexico"), Katelyn MacMullen ("General Hospital"), Roland Buck III ("Chicago Med"), Carlo Mendez ("The Bay"), Julie Brister ("Goliath") and Bob Clendenin ("Cougar Town")

Director: Justin Gallaher & Sam Roseme

Genre: Sci-Fi

Rating: NR

Eva narrowly escaped being murdered during a recent terrifying home invasion in Mexico City. She and her husband decide to relocate to Los Angeles where she can recuperate. But when her husband has to travel for business, she’s left alone in an unfamiliar place and suffering from paranoia. She’s consoled by the smart home security system, but the technology is difficult to master and she starts to wonder if it will actually keep her safe or take over her life.

'Motion Detected' tells the story Miguel and Eva who have moved from Mexico to L.A. after EVA escaped with her life after a home invasion. Their new home is equipped with a high tech security system known as "Diablo Controls." Eva is still affected by her experience and Miguel having to leave for a business trip shortly after arriving doesn't help any but he assures her that she is safe and the security system will protect her.

Shortly after Miguel leaves Eva starts getting creepy vibes about the security system. It seems to be watching her every move. It doesn't take long for Eva to start suspecting something as she becomes more and more paranoid. When she finds out that the last family totally vanished from the house she decides to do her best until Miguel gets back but Diablo has other plans.

'Motion Detected' is a good looking film and its opening scene not only sets the stage for what is to come but it also sets the mood of isolation and paranoia. After its effective opening scene the film settles in and becomes a slow burn for the rest of the way. The film was written by Justin Gallaher and Sam Roseme it is also their first time behind the camera of a feature film. Instead of going with big effects or action scenes the film takes aim at the audiences psyche and for the most part it is successful.

There is a lot of tension and suspense and it does get you guessing how it is going to end. The small cast give excellent performances by Bob Clendenin, Roland Buck III, Katelyn MacMullen, and Carlo Mendez but the film clearly sits on the shoulders of Natasha Esca who stars as Eva. She carries the film with all of Eva's emotions and gives a very believable performance.

As far as the ending goes I liked it and felt it was the best possible conclusion to the hi-tech thriller. Plus there is room left for a sequel if they want to go down that road before. 'Motion Detected' is a well-done thriller that will keep you rooting for Eva well enjoying moments of tense emotions. The film will be available on VOD May 19th so be sure to check it out.

Released by Freestyle Digital Media

*** 3/4 Out Of *****