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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Seki Oseki, Buakaw Por. Pramuk, Dharmaros Jaicheun, Sorapong Chatree

Director: Nopporn Wartin

Genre: Action & Adventure, Foreign

Year: 2013

Rating: NR

Betrayed and left for dead by treacherous Japanese forces, young samurai Yamada Nagamasa (Seigi Ozeki) is rescued to a remote village in Siam and nursed back to health among the acolytes in the monastery. Working tirelessly to master the art of Muay Boran (Thai boxing), fearless and brutal Yamada is selected to become a royal bodyguard to King Naresuan The Great. His greatest challenge comes on the day hes forced to fight back against the elite Japanese warriors who left him behind.

Based on actual events from the 17th century's Ayutthaya period, "Muay Thai Warrior" combines lush visuals with a cast of Olympic athletes to provide viewers some of the most stunning and realistic Muay Thai techniques ever filmed for the big screen.

Yamada Nagamasa is attacked my his own and left for dead. Luckily he is taken to a village in Siam and nursed back to health. Being a stranger in a strange land isn't easy, Yamada must earn the respect and trust if he is to belong. Along the way he learns the art of Muay Boran which he will later use to extract revenge on his fellow Japanese warriors.

Story wise the film is pretty simple, it's a straight forward revenge film about honor and respect. There isn't a ton of action in this film, the first half of the film is filled mostly with drama as it shows Yamada as he attempts to fit in and be excepted. The second half of film brings with it a bit more action. When it comes time the action is solid, brutal and very realistic. The filmmakers decided to use CGI blood in the movie so you get a lot of spraying but it never takes away from the story or the action at hand.

This isn't the best of it's kind, I thought the film could of benefited from a bit more action but I enjoyed the story and the I thought the action scenes were really well done. Acting wise everyone in the film did a terrific job playing their roles especially Seigi Ozeki who is excellent as Yamada. Production wise the film looks and sounds fantastic which is something I have come to expect to be honest.

So the bottom line is even though "Muay Thai Warrior" isn't the best film out there it is still an entertaining film. So if you like this kind of movie then I highly recommend checking it out. Available on DVD and Blu-ray, you can order the DVD HERE and the Blu-ray HERE.

Released by Well Go USA

*** 1/2 Out Of *****