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Cast: JP Valenti (Robber) & Nick Miti (Hitman)

Director: Bradley Grenon

Genre: Music Video/Action/Crime

Year: 2016

Rating: NR

After a run down poker player Chip runs out of money, he must make desperate decisions in order to pay back the money he owes. He makes one poor choice after another and winds up facing a hit man to answer for his mistakes.

"Illusions" is the new music video from Hip Hop Artist, Nick Miti. The video was written and directed by Bradley Grenon and was shot and edited by Chris Esper. They story centers of Chip, a young man who becomes desperate after losing all his money playing poker and no longer has any to pay back some money he owes. Desperate he makes a few foolish decisions and ends up having to pay the ultimate price.

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"Illusions" is a Hip Hop song that sends out some good messages and the story told within the video fits the song perfectly. The video looks and sounds amazing, credit must go out to Bradley Grenon and Chris Esper. It rivals any music videos from today's biggest stars. I highly recommend checking out Nick Miti's Music Video below and give it a like and share it as much as much.

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A great song, fun crime story, amazing cinematography and solid direction makes "Illusions" a hit that will gain lots of support through strong word of mouth. If you want to know more about Nick Miti and his music I recommend visiting his web site HERE.

Released by Allrounda Productions

***** Out Of *****