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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Main Cast: Reb Brown, Leilani Sarelle, Sherrie Rose, Ted Prior, Frank Stallone

Supporting Cast: Tara Kleinpeter, David Campbell, Alissa Koenig

Director: David A. Prior

Genre: Horror

Year: 2012

Rating: NR A bloodthirsty Bigfoot, which kills without warning, is on a rampage near a small town. This is not your ordinary Bigfoot -- This creature is lightning fast, incredibly strong and seems to thrive on not just killing but tearing people apart as well. A strong, beautiful, and sometimes mysterious woman shows up claiming to represent the Federal Government and pushes the local Sheriff into hunting down this creature, but they are not alone in their hunt. As multiple groups of hunters all seek out the famed prize the lines become seriously blurred between the hunter and the hunted.

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There's plenty of movies about Bigfoot out there already so I was cautious going into this one, but after watching it I say this is one of the better films I have seen about the creature. What I think separates "Night Claws" from all the other Bigfoot movies is that it doesn't focus just on the creature. There are numerous characters in the film and some have their own motives for hunting to capture the creature. You not only have the local Sheriff who is trying to find out why people are ending up dead but you also have a group of hunters out to capture or kill the creature for profit. There are two couples who just happen to pick these woods to go on a survival camping trip and you have a woman that shows up claiming to be from the government. There's a lot going on here and the story moves a long at a nice pace. Writer/Director, David A. Prior returns to the horror genre in grand fashion here, he combines the different characters and their sub-plots seamlessly.

"Night Claws" is by no means a gore fest, many of the killings are off-screen but it never seems to matter because the story and it's characters are interesting enough to keep you glued to the screen. If you're like me and are growing tired of all the CGI used today you are going to love the creature here, this is 80's style goodness all the way. This is Bigfoot like you've never seen him before, He's bigger, badder and he likes to rip limbs off. The make-up and effects all look terrific. I was quite impressed with the way Bigfoot looked here, this is easily one of the coolest versions of him I have seen but the film's main strengths is in it's multiple story-lines and it's cast.

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How can you not love a movie that stars Reb Brown? He is amazing as the local Sheriff but he is not alone here, the film also stars Frank Stallone, David Campbell, Leilani Sarelle and Ted Prior. Each and everyone in the film give great performances. I am not going to talk about the film production-wise here because I viewed a screener copy so it would not be fair to judge it but from what I could see the film looked great.

I really enjoy this film, it's full of suspense and intrigue and it also contains multiple twists a long the way as well, I especially loved the one at the end...karma's a bitch. "Night Claws" will be released on DVD 12/11/2012 so make sure you mark it down and be sure to check it out. This is an entertaining, fast-paced, thrill-a-minute horror film that leaves you begging for more.

Released by Midnight Releasing

**** Out Of *****