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Cast: Phoebe Tonkin, Lamorne Morris, Madison Hu, Patrick Fischler, Lauren Bowles, Christopher Denham

Director: The China Brothers

Genre: Horror/Thriller

Rating: NR

While working her first night shift at a remote motel, a young woman, Gwen Taylor (Phoebe Tonkin), begins to suspect that she is being followed by a dangerous character from her past. As the night progresses, Gwen’s isolation and safety, however, are made all the more worse when she starts to realize that the motel might also be haunted.

'Night Shift' tells the story of Gwen, a young woman who is about to work her first night shift at a secluded motel. She seems very worried about security because she keeps seeing a car and drives by very slowly several times. There are also rumors of the place being haunted and the fact that the man who killed her mom and sisters has escaped from prison. Everything has her on the edge as stranger visions begin to happen.

'Night Shift' is a well done horror/thriller with a commanding lead performance by Phoebe Tonkin. She is amazing in her role and she gives a realistic performance as a young lady scared out of her mind.

The film was written and directing by The China Brothers. The have written one other film and this is the first time for them behind the camera. They do a fantastic job at setting up the story and creating just the right amount for scares and creepy moments before a jaw-dropping twist at around an hour in. The reveal changes everything and it cranks up the suspense and tension. It will have you clinging to the edge of your seat until the very end. I also really liked how they finished the film off leaving it open for a possible sequel.

I highly recommend this horror films to everyone and do yourself a favor and avoid any review that might have spoilers. Walking into this gem blind and the way to go and I looking forward to seeing what The China Brothers have coming next. They just might be the shot in the arm the horror genre needs. 'Night Shift' will be in Select Theaters and VOD March 8th so be sure to check it out.

Released by Quiver Distribution

**** Out Of *****