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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Matthew James, Sadie Katz, Akihiro Kitamura, Dallas Malloy

Director: Dylan Reynolds

Genre: Comedy/Drama

Year: 2012

Rating: NR

A down and out journey into a land of raunchy and bizarre sexual encounters. Jackson is a struggling artist with a dead end job and a terrible love life. Lately his loneliness is getting the best of him and he finds himself desiring something more out life. But in the city of Los Angeles, the good girls are few and far between. And what do you do when the prospect of some quick lovin' loses it's appeal?

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First off I want to thank Director, Dylan Reynolds for sending me a copy of his film for review. The title, "Nipples & Palm Trees" should give you some indication that this isn't your mom's kind of romance story. The story centers on Jackson, a struggling artist who ends up taking dead end jobs just to get by. Then there's his love life or lack there of, his on and off girlfriend Harmony is more interested in having a good time than having a real relationship. What Jackson really wants is to find true love but all he seems to find is one crazy sex starved chick after the other.

Going by the film's title and it's trailer this just looks like a raunchy comedy filled with one sex scene after the other and you would be half right in thinking so but there's a bit more to the film than just those two things. Underneath it all there's a drama about a man who is at a stage in his life when one night stands are just not enough anymore and he is looking for something more, like a long term relationship. Before I get too sentimental here I have to tell you that this is a very sexy and at times hilarious comedy first but I did want to mention that you're not getting another "American Pie" here, no "Nipples & Palm Trees" is much more intelligent than that.

I loved the film's gritty look, it fits the story and locations perfectly and the camera work was stellar. Besides the high production values, it's funny and emotional script and terrific pace there was one thing that really topped it all off, it's cast. Matthew James is amazing as Jackson, He does a great at making Jackson a likable guy despite his lack of people skills and Sadie Katz is fantastic as his girlfriend Harmony, the two show great chemistry together. The rest of the supporting cast did a fantastic job playing their off-beat characters as well.

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"Nipples & Palm Trees" might sound just another sex comedy and there is plenty of sex, drugs and booze along the way but there is a story here about a man who is just growing tired of his life and is looking for a change. As the film moved into it's final act I began to wonder if it was all going to pay off at the end. I had gotten this far and I enjoyed everything about the film from it's shocking opening scene that really set the stage for what was to come to the film's gritty look and it's realistic performances so I was really hoping for a great ending but not necessarily a "Hollywood" ending. No this film is too intelligent for that and I am happy say that the ending fit perfectly and it was a wise choice to end the story the way it did.

This isn't going to be for everyone, if raunchy humor and sex offends you then move on to something else but if like this sort of comedy then I highly recommend checking out this little gem. I can't close out this review without mentioning Writer, Matthew James and Director, Dylan Reynolds, the script was flawless and the direction was amazing, the film was lively and fast paced. I recommend this to anyone that loves a good adult comedy but is sick of the same old recycled stories, "Nipples & Palm Trees" is a unique take on the genre with a ton of laughs as well as a lot of heart.

"Nipples & Palm Trees" had a limited theatrical engagement and is now available on DVD with Special Features that include:



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Released by Cinema Epoch

**** Out Of *****