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Cast: Nick Thurston, Maddy Curley, Michael Rispoli

Director: Chris Alonso

Genre: Crime/Drama

Year: 2014

Rating: NR

Inspired By True Events - Jay Trotta (Nick Thurston) spends three years in prison for shooting his drug dealer, but uses his time to get sober. Once released, he works hard and finally gets part ownership in a new Hookah Bar. Jay seizes a "new" business opportunity, making and marketing "incense" that is actually a powerful marijuana-like drug. Jay sidesteps the law by marketing he product 'not for human consumption'. Making money hand over fist, Jay brings his oldest friend, Marty, into the business but keeps his girlfriend, April, in the dark, knowing she would not approve. Jay is torn between his conscience and his pocketbook, but when tragedy finally strikes, he must face the moral ramifications of his 'legal' business and make some hard choices about the future.

"Not For Human Consumption" is loosely based on the life of the film's producer, Louis. That being said the story centers on Jay, a young kid with too much time on his hands who gets prison time for shooting his drug dealer. While in prison Jay gets his life back on track and his priorities in order. After he gets released his dad gets him a job at a local deli, there he meets the owner's son who has an idea to open a Hookah Bar. He likes Jay's work ethic so he offers him half ownership of the place. Things start off well but one day a customer comes in with his own herb, after finding out that it is "legal" Jay comes up with the idea to make their own and package it as incense. On the label they will put "Not For Human Consumption" and get it into as many stores as possible.

The incense immediately takes off and it is not long before they are making their first million. New cars, homes and boats are only a few of the luxuries they have but when things begin to go south and a tragedy happens Jay begins to rethink his business decisions and his life.

I was really interested in seeing this film after watching the trailer but was more impressed by the movie itself. I was a bit surprised to see how good the acting was in the film considering it is a low budget effort. Nick Thurston was very impressive as Jay. I hope to see this young man again very soon. The rest of the cast did a very good job as well. I do remember hearing about this marijuana-like drug a few years back but never paid much attention to it so I was surprised by its popularity as well as its ill affects it has on those who use it but I am not surprised.

The story was very engaging, you immediately feel for Jay as he attempts to get his life back after his release from prison and you still feel for him during his legal then illegal business venture. You connect with the characters right from the start and the story keeps you interested and wanting to see how Jay does the entire time. It always amazes what some people will do to get high regardless of the side affects that may occur. "Not For Human Consumption" is a thought-provoking drama that keeps you glued to the screen all the way to the end. If you like true stories and/or crime dramas then I highly recommend checking this one out when it is released. You can find out more about when you can check it out by visiting Indican Pictures Facebook page HERE.

Released by Indican Pictures

**** Out Of *****