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<Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Ray Moynihan, Leonore Tiefer, Carol Queen

Director: Liz Canner

Genre: Documentary

Year: 2009

Rating: NR

Orgasm Inc. explores the strange science of female pleasure and in the process reveals the warped mentality of our pharmaceutical and medical industries. Director Liz Canner embarks on a nine year odyssey as she follows the companies who are racing to be the first to win FDA approval for a product to cure "female sexual dysfunction". The prize: billions of dollars in profits. Featuring illuminating footage and interviews with activists, doctors and medical experts, Orgasm Inc. will change the way you think about sex.

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When documentary filmmaker Elizabeth Canner received an offer from a pharmaceutical company, it was an irresistible proposition. They wanted her to compile an erotic film that would be used in conjunction with a study on female sexual dysfunction to test the effectiveness of a proposed new treatment. This led to a long nine years following doctors around and everything else you can imagine that has to do with the subject at hand, "Orgasms Inc." is the result of all that hard work. Canner delivers the film in a somewhat humorous way but don't be fooled here, she uncovers some disturbing things about the pharmaceutical and health industry like the way they created a medical condition for women who might not be having a satisfactory sex life, the condition they created is called, FSD or female sexual dysfunction.

Now remember this is a made up condition so they could profit billions of dollars off the cure. You might think nine years of research and documenting could end up being a little messy but Canner did a terrific job telling the story. You get the story from a few different angles but there's no denying the greed factor here but then again there's a lot that goes on over greed we never even know about. There are some grey areas to the story that are not really explored much but I still found to it be at times funny, disturbing and a thought-provoking film. "Orgasms Inc." is a well-done documentary that will open your eyes to our health system and it will raise many questions as well. If you like a good documentary or are looking for something different to watch I recommend picking this up, it's as entertaining as it is disturbing and informative.

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The DVD comes with the following Special Features:

Bonus Scenes

Take Action: A Resource Guide

Director Biography

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Released by First Run Features

**** Out Of *****