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Cast: R. Marcos Taylor, Don Wilson, Anita Clay, Alissa Schneider

Director: Michael Baumgarten

Genre: Action/Comedy/Romance

Year: 2017

Rating: N/A

Kickboxing Champion and legendary action star Don "The Dragon" Wilson is back like you've never seen him before in Traditionz Entertainment's action-packed comedy Paying Mr. McGetty from director Michael Baumgarten (The Martial Arts Kid)! After a night of drinking and gambling, Tyrell (R. Marcos Taylor, Netflix's Luke Cage) is awakened by an angry call from his girlfriend, Meena (Anita Clay) and finds himself in bed with a strange woman, Cecelia (Alissa Schneider) -- a local mob boss' daughter. Once the local mob boss finds out, he hires Shot (Wilson) -- a relentless hitman. To make matters worse, the reward on Tyrell's head has dozens of others looking for him, too. Adding to Tyrell's troubles, the worst thing of all... Meena, the love of his life, is put in harm's way. Tyrell must make a stand by taking on the mob, taking on Shota, and finding the money to pay their landlord -- Mr. McGetty -- before the day ends. It will be the wildest and most incredible day of his life!

"Paying Mr. McGetty" tells the story of Tyrell whose day goes from bad to worse. First off he gets a phone call from his girlfriend whom he lives with wanting to know where he is because they are going to be late paying their landlord, Mr. McGetty. Tyrell has been out all night and while on the phone he notices he is in bed with a beautiful blonde. After telling his girlfriend he will be home soon he finds out the young lady's name is Cecelia. What he doesn't know might actually get him hurt or even worse, killed.

Cecelia just happens to be the daughter of the local mob boss who immediately calls in, Shota Kabu a hitman. To make matters worse Tyrell also has his boss on his back and since there is a reward out on him he also has others looking to get him as well. All of this on top of a very angry girlfriend and Tyrell scrambling to clear his name while staying alive, convincing the love of his life that she is exactly that and getting the money up to pay the landlord before they are evicted before the end of the day.

The opening scene of the film introduces us to hitman, Shota Kabu. The scene doesn't have a happy ending and it sets the stage for the rest of the film, or does it? It actually doesn't because after the violent opening scene the film begins to introduce us to the rest of the main characters but it also lightens up in tone. From then on the film becomes and remains an action/comedy with a touch of romance tossed in.

"Paying Mr. McGetty" is a fun little Indie film with a fast pace and likeable characters. Even the mob guys are likable and comical at times. The film was directed by, Michael Baumgarten from a script he co-wrote with Adam W. Marsh. Baumgarten does a great job keeping the film lively and fresh even though the film might not be so original. He also makes the best of his terrific cast which includes, R. Macos Taylor(Netflix's Luke Cage) who is fantastic as Tyrell. The film also stars, Alissa Schneider who plays, Cecelia. This young lady seems to have it all, beauty and talent. I hope to see a lot more of her in the future. And last but not least the film stars, Don "The Dragon" Wilson as hitman, Shota Kabu. This is Wilson's second film with Traditionz Entertainment and it again allows him to stretch his acting into a bit more comedy and I have to say he is fantastic at it. Oh, before I forget let me mention the film has a cameo from none other than Cynthia Rothrock herself as well.

"Paying Mr. McGetty" may not be a perfect film but I never expected it to be. But what I did expect was an entertaining film and that is what I got. It has a bit of everything including action, comedy, a touch of romance and it of course has a happy ending which makes it a film for both guys and girls. "Paying Mr. McGetty" will be released mid 2017 so if you like a good action/comedy then I recommend checking this little film out. I think you will find it as enjoyable as I did.

Released by Traditionz Entertainment

*** 1/4 Out Of *****