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Cast: Nicolas Cage, Sarah Wayne Callies

Director: Uli Edel

Genre: Thriller/Horror/Drama

Year: 2015

Rating: NR

Oscar® winner Nicolas Cage (Leaving Las Vegas) stars in this intense and chilling thriller about one man’s desperate search for his missing child. One year after his young son disappeared during a Halloween carnival, Mike Lawford (Cage) is haunted by eerie images and terrifying messages he can’t explain. Together with his estranged wife (Sarah Wayne Callies, The Walking Dead), he will stop at nothing to unravel the mystery and find their son—and, in doing so, he unearths a legend that refuses to remain buried in the past.

"Pay the Ghost" is an average supernatural thriller, it has a few jump scares along the way but there is nothing special here. The film has some script issues as well as pacing issues but for a low budget film starring Nicolas Cage it is worth a watch, just don't expect anything special here. Cage plays Mike Lawford, who insists on taking his son out for Halloween even though his ex-wife is against it. When he turns his back for a second, his boy vanishes. Haunted by his son's disappearance and visions that suggest to him that his son is alive he decides to do his own searching since the police are no help and no one believes what he tells them. What he finds is much more diabolical than he could have ever imagined and he must risk everything in order to save his boy.

Lets face it Cage has been in some bad films in the last few years but I give him props for all the hard work he has put in as he paid back his taxes. Another thing you must remember to is that most older actors are not getting the juicy roles anymore. Bruce Willis and Robert Deniro have seen their films go to VOD during that time as well so times are definitely changing. That being said I really like Cage and he does make this film a bit better than it might have been otherwise. There is enough going on to keep you interested and there are a few twists a long the way as well to keep you engaged. The film also manages to build on some tension and suspense as it moves along as well but in the end it was just an average film with a good lead actor.

"Pay the Ghost" could pass as the film, Sinister's baby brother, but it is not as good or mature enough to place it side by side. The film also stars’ Sarah Wayne Callies as Mike's estranged wife, she does a good job but her character just doesn't have enough to work with to make her a factor. Production wise the film looks good, some of the effects are a little weak but considering the budget here I was fine with it.

I recommend checking out "Pay the Ghost" if you are a Cage fan or just like horror in general. Just don't expect a whole lot and you should find it to be a good way to spend some time.

Available now on DVD and Blu-ray, you can order the DVD HERE and the Blu-ray HERE.

Released by Image Entertainment

** 3/4 Out Of *****