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Cast: Steve Blackwood, Brian J. McDonald, Halle Curley, Silas Robbins

Director: Steve Blackwood

Genre: Drama

Year: 2024

Rating: NR

A former soap opera actor contends with his father, an assisted living resident with alcoholic dementia, and reflects on his earlier relationship with him.

'Peabrain' tells the story of Craig and his aging father who suffers from alcohol-related dementia. Craig also suffers from emotional abuse from his father when he was growing. Focused on caring for his father who he loves the pain still lingers knowing he will never get that "talk" with his dad he needs.

Instead he visits his father to help with his bills and anything else that he needs and he avoids topics that might upset his father. Phil on the other hand likes to re-live his past as a baseball player and he unfortunately still remembers the abusive words he used towards his son.

So many families have had to deal with the Alzheimer's or dementia will be able to easily relate to the suffering everyone involved has to bear with with. Steve Blackwood stars in the film as Phil and he also directed and wrote the film as well. He does a great job fitting a complete story of their lives in the film's 15 minute runtime. Blackwood dedicates the film to his late father who was also a baseball player.

The film's small cast are all terrific which includes Blackwood as Phil, Brian J. McDonald as Craig and Halle Curley as the visiting nurse. I also want to point out Silas Robbins who plays young Phil in the very important flashbacks scenes.

'Peabrain' is a touching film and will have you smiling one second and crying the next and it sends some positive messages along the way as well. I really enjoyed the film and I highly recommend it to everyone. The film is currently doing the festival circuit so be sure to keep an eye out for when and where you can see it by visiting Steve Blackwood's Facebook page HERE. 'Peabrain' is an entertaining film about suffering, love and forgiveness. It is also an important film and one that deserves to be seen.

Released by Blackwood Productions

***** Out Of *****