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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Justin Welborn, Ashley Watkins, Travis Goodman, Matthew Robinson, Amber Bollinger, Sarah Zurell and Ryan Boone

Director: Richard Swindell

Genre: Horror

Year: 2010

Rating: NR

Sudden, gory death hides behind every bush. When beautiful Jennifer and her friends embark on a backpacking excursion deep into the woods, they come chest to chest with an evil as old as the trees. Listen...above the crackling of the that the sound of a twig snapping or your best girlfriend's neck? The interlopers discover that when the locals caution you not to trespass were warned.

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This is an account of the actual events that took place in Caveland Kentucky in the summer of 1991. On July 18, 1991 two vehicles set out for a five day excursion to Caveland Kentucky. The seven young occupants had filed with the Kentucky Forest Rangers for a wilderness permit to clime to the top of the Devils Bone Yard. Here is what is known to be fact: The seven were last seen the night of the 18th at a restaurant called Frank’s Mountain Hideaway - Bar and Grill, in the foothills near the entrance to Mammoth Cave National Park. A gas station attendant believes he may have saw them the morning of the 19th. The first one from the group discovered, it is believed that she stumbled out of the wood on July 22nd. By the time she was discovered she was already deceased on the side of the road. Police first became suspicious, believing her death was not accidental when an autopsy reveled the blood covering her belonged to two other people. After seven days several volunteer rescue searchers found their vehicles and tracks leading to an abandon cabin. Inside the cabin's basement they found remains of three of her camping partners.

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"Pelt" is Richard Swindell's feature film debut but he is no stranger to film making since he has been working in movies and television for 16 years. Like stated above the film is based on actual events that happened in 1991. The film opens in a bar where the seven friends are enjoying a night of partying before heading out on their trip which will include a 4 hour drive and then a long walk along a trail before they arrive at their destination. On their way they stop at a local gas station to get directions from the attendant who warns them to stay away because it is private property but they laugh it off and continue on their journey...big mistake. The film takes a little time setting up the story and introducing us to the characters but once the first victim is attacked by a crazed madman with an axe around the 28 minute mark the film becomes an adrenaline pumping fight for survival as the rest of the group try their best to avoid being next while attempting to find a way out of the woods. An 80's style horror film that benefits from a great cast, humor that is often hilarious and some frightening and suspenseful moments that has you at the edge of your seat. Filled with fast paced action and just the right amount of gore Director, Richard Swindell doesn't waste a frame, he keeps the film moving at a brisk pace.

The cast which includes, Justin Welborne (The Crazies), Ashley Watkins (TV's "Undercovers") to name only a few all do a terrific job playing their roles, the film is an ensemble piece and everyone worked great together. "Pelt" definitely has a lot going for it, it may not offer up anything really new but it's execution is flawless, I really liked the humor that was used especially early on when things were a little slow, it helped lighten the mood and it had me laughing out loud several times. The film also leaves you thinking about the events that took place here and it makes you wonder just how many of these lunatics are really out there waiting for innocent people to wander in to their territory. "Pelt" won the "AUDIENCE CHOICE AWARD" at the Big Bear Horror Film Festival and for good reason, this is a fun horror flick that I recommend to all fans of the genre, be sure to pick it up when it comes to DVD on March, 8th. You can visit Osiris Entertainment's web site to watch when the film becomes available for Pre-order HERE.

Released by Osiris Entertainment

**** Out Of *****