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Cast: David Sackal and Joanna Donofrio

Director: Chris Esper

Genre: Comedy/Short

Year: 2015

Rating: N/A

Scottie, a businessman, is tired of his good luck. So, he seeks to be punished for his "curse".

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Directed by Chris Esper, from the story by Tom Paolino and the screenplay by Rich Camp. "Please Punish Me" tells the story of Scottie Lee, a young, successful businessman who is both blessed and lucky. He even admits to being rewarded for slacking off at work. As the film opens his boss is Cushing over him to other associates as he prepares to reward Scottie with a promotion, one Scottie feels he does not deserve. While sitting in a stairwell another man who is also there gives him a card for "Please Punish Me." A place where you can go to get a little punishment applied for things you have done, dominatrix style. Scottie thinks it might be a bad idea at first but once he meets Michelle and hears her not so lucky story he decides to do something for her because he finally realizes how blessed he really is.

"Please Punish Me" is a lovely little comedy about not taking things for granted and it is also teaches us that there is always someone else worse off than we are. Director, Chris Esper does a great job directing his two amazing leads, Joanna Donofrio who plays Michelle and David Sackal who plays Scottie. Both of these actors are terrific and they show great chemistry together as well. The supporting cast did a great job as well including Bradley Rhodes who plays the boss of Scottie.

I loved this little Short, if I had one complain it would be that it was not long enough. I would love to see this story fleshed out into a feature film with a lot more laughs and even a bit of romance between the two leads. "Please Punish Me" is an original, funny and highly entertaining film that also sends a good message. I have had the opportunity to see most of Director, Chris Esper's work so far and I think this is his best film to date. The sky is the limit for Chris and I look forward to seeing what he does next and I hope he gets to do a feature film in the near future as well.

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This is about as perfect a film as you are going to find, I cannot think of anything bad to say about it. A great little story, fantastic cast and amazing direction makes this a must see. I recommend checking out the film's Facebook page HERE to find out when and where you can see it.

Released by Macremi Productions

***** Out Of *****