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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Jeremiah Bishop, Michael Cuddire, Ransford Doherty, Scotty Curlee, Kera O'Bryon

Director: Scotty Curlee

Genre: Drama/Faith/Sports

Year: 2013

Rating: NR

Reeling with grief in the wake of a tragic automobile accident, retired veteran cyclist, Chris Carmik, is given an opportunity he doesn't want, to train a rookie cycling prodigy. Preoccupied with battling his own inner demons, Chris reluctantly acclimates the prodigy, named Jake, to the fast paced world of Bicycle Racing. Using cutting edge technology and scientific training methods, Chris transforms Jake into a top contending cyclist; however, he struggles to teach Jake the most important lesson prominent in all champions - finding the true potential inside.

Chris Carmik seems to be a man that has it all, a successful career at mountain bike racing, a beautiful wife and daughter but not all is well at home. He is away too often and doesn't spend enough time with his family when he is home but things are looking up because Chris only has one more race before he retires. Sadly his last race doesn't go well and his wife is already mad that he plans to stay in the cycling business by coaching but things are about to take a turn that will change all their lives forever.

On the way home with his wife behind the wheel they get into a horrible accident that changes both Chris and his wife, not able to cope with everything his wife decides to move out until Chris can get his head and heart straightened out, but will he see the light before he loses all he has left in his life?

"The Potential Inside" is the story of one man who over-looks all the great things in his life until it's too late. What makes this film different from other Christian films that have come before it is that it tosses in the sport of mountain bike racing so you get plenty of action and suspense along with the strong messages of faith. The story of faith that Chris struggles with and the sport are both realistic and both combined make for an entertaining yet inspirational tale. The film's fast pace and it's touching story will definitely have you engaged the entire time. The characters are so real you can't help rooting for them all, this is a thought-provoking story that gets you thinking about your own life, it's one of those films that stays with you long after it is over.

The cast which includes, Scotty Curlee, Michael Cuddire, Kera O'Bryon and Ransford Doherty did a terrific job giving realistic and powerful performances, everyone in the film was simply magnificent and that includes the supporting cast members as well. Production-wise the film looks amazing, the beautiful Virginia Blue Ridge landscape is a treat for the eyes.

"The Potential Inside" is a film that will reach a wide audience with it's sports theme and it's spiritual messages of faith. This is a film that will bring out all the emotions in you, your heart will be filled with pain and sorrow as well as inspiration and joy. I highly recommend this film to everyone, it's a film the entire family can watch and learn from together. The DVD comes with Special Features that include:

Full length commentary by Director - Scotty Curlee and Composer - Jim Daneker

Special Message from the Director in English and Korean

Director and Composer Q&A

Theatrical Trailer

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Released by Echo Light

***** Out Of *****