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Cast: Michelle Nolden (The Time Traveler’s Wife), Romano Orzari (“Taken”), Damon Runyan (“Degrassi: The Next Generation”) and Julian Richings (“Orphan Black”)

Director: Gaurav Seth

Genre: Sci-Fi, Thriller

Year: 2017

Rating: NR

In PRISONER X, as the world rages in war and civil strife, CIA agent Carmen Reese (Nolden) arrives at a secret underground prison to interrogate a captured terrorist with links to recent attacks on American soil. But the prisoner (Orzari) is more than he appears – he has arrived from the future with ninety-eight other time travelers who are still at large and wreaking havoc across the globe. Now it’s a race against the clock as Carmen and the prisoner engage in a battle of wills to see whose version of the future will triumph.

'Prisoner X' opens with a car crash, upon arriving on scene the police find large amounts of weapons-grade uranium in the car. The suspect is then taken into custody and then sent to “The Sandbox” a high security bunk prison where he will be questioned. Agent Fischer is assigned to the man. His name is Ramiro. After finding out that Ramiro doesn't react to our conventional ways or questioning or torturing they come to the conclusion that he is a terrorist from the future by testing him which he has synthetic genes and nano devices in his blood stream.

It doesn't take long before we find out that Ramiro has been held for 15 years. From 2002 to 2017, Agent Fischer has been trying to get information out of him for all those years and it is beginning to take its toll on him. One day he decides to call his ex-partner, CIA agent Carmen Reese for help. During the video chat you can tell that he is rundown, almost defeated and paranoid. Sadly by the time Agent Carmen arrives at the secure prison Agent Fischer has already taken his own life. Now it is up to Carmen to figure out why he would take his own life while continuing to question Ramiro about all he knows and where the other time traveling terrorists might be including their leader, Abraham before it is too late.

'Prisoner X' presents a different take on the terrorist genre. It takes the most basic of ideas and incorporates time travel into the mix. It also doesn't have any action in it either. It is more a cat and mouse thriller which relies on its story, secrets and performances to keep the audience watching.

The film got my attention right from the start and it kept engaged and wanting to know more the entire time. It does jump around between 2002 and 2017 but that never interferes with the flow of the film. In fact it does a good job on finding us in on the back story and the characters past as well. Another thing that impressed me about the film was the acting, Romano Orzari is terrific as the time traveling terrorist, Ramiro but he is not alone. The rest of the cast including, Michelle Nolden, Damon Runyan and Julian Richings all give great performances as well.

'Prisoner X' is of course a timely film considering we sadly have terror in our lives daily anymore but it is also an entertaining time travel film as well. I liked how the film creates tension and suspense as it moves along. It also has several twists a long the way as well with one big one right at the end which I enjoyed. Available on VOD and DVD June 6 with Special Features that including:

Behind The Scenes

This is a pretty entertaining thriller that I recommend checking out.

Released by RLJ Entertainment

*** 1/2 Out Of *****