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Cast: Tom Sizemore, Judd Nelson, Nicholle Tom, and Hal Ozsan

Director: LazRael Lison

Genre: Horror/Mystery/Thriller

Year: 2015

Rating: R

A series of sinister phone calls haunt an ex-alcoholic writer as he struggles to finish a novel. Efforts to trace the calls result in dead ends, leaving the author with no choice but to solve the mystery himself. As he pieces together scant information he discovers the local police are hiding details about a horrific serial killer. In his obsessive search for answers, he loses his grip on reality, and spirals downward into a maelstrom of violence and terror.

"Private Number" tells the story of Michael Lane who is having a hard time. For starters he is having a hard time writing the sequel to his successful book, "Knight Fire." He is also a recovering alcoholic and has been sober for one year but his recent writer's block and strange phone calls at night are testing his sobriety. On top of all that his wife is also pressuring him because she wants to have a baby like their friends.

But Michael's biggest problem is the strange phone calls they are receiving at night, there are several different voices that keep saying, "Remember me?" When asking for help from the local law enforcement goes nowhere Michael decides to do some investigating himself which seems to lead to a massive cover up, but things are not what they seem in this twisty thriller.

First of all let me bring attention to the DVD art work, the four main characters in the film are all present but it is Tom Sizemore that is front and center. Be warned now that Tom is not in the film very much at all, he just has a small supporting role. Ok, on to the story, I was not expecting a lot from the film going into it but after watching it I thought it had the potential to be a bit better than it actually was. The story wastes little time getting started and it grabs your attention right from the start. Once Michael begins receiving the strange phone calls the interest level really goes up another level as you start to wonder what will happen next and you begin guessing on whom the killer might be. The film also has a number of twists and turns a long the way and ending is a bit of a surprise that I think will catch some off guard.

The acting was pretty good all around but I do think it could of used a bit more Sizemore and Nelson in it. The one thing that let the film down in my opinion is it never went to that next level. Now do not get it wrong this is a decent watch and the story manages to create some good mystery and suspense which is why I recommend at least a rental here.

"Private Number" is available on DVD with Special Features that include:

Making Of

Deleted Scenes


You can order it HERE.

Released by ARC Entertainment

** 1/2 Out Of *****