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Cast: Roddy Piper, Matt Hardy, Kurt Angle, Shane Douglas and Hacksaw Jim Duggan

Director: Cody Knotts

Genre: Horror

Year: 2014

Rating: NR

The Franchise Shane Douglas accidentally kills a wrestler in the ring. The wrestler's brother Angus seeks revenge by surrendering his soul to an ancient demon to gain the power to raise the undead. Angus then pays for a private show at an empty prison to lure Douglas and his friend Rowdy Roddy Piper into a death trap.

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The first thing I noticed that I liked about the film was its story. "Pro Wrestlers vs Zombies'" tells the story of Shane Douglas who accidentally kills a wrestler in the ring. The dead man's brother sells his soul to a demon in order to gain the power to raise the dead which he intends to use to get revenge on Shane and whoever else gets in their way. To get Shane he books a wrestling show at an abandoned prison. Shane is not the only famous wrestler invited, "Rowdy" Roddy Piper, "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan, Matt Hardy and Kurt Angle are also along for the ride but what none of them know is the zombies are there waiting.

Think "Night of the Living Dead Meets Wrestlemania" and you get a good idea what the film is about. I also liked how each wrestler used their real names, it made it feel a bit more real and they all used their famous moves as well.

The story centers on Shane Douglas but I thought Roddy Piper stole the show which is no surprise because the man is awesome. Kurt Angle doesn't have a very big role in the film but he has one of the film's coolest lines, "Pittsburghers know how to kill the Undead," and instant classic.

I knew the film was a low budget and it is not without its flaws but I was very impressed with it over all. The practical effects used were very well done and the action is non-stop and filled with wrestling moves which made it all very cool. Besides the action and the gore there is also a lot of humor in the film as well which keeps it light and fun all the way to the end.

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The settings used are fairly simple but using the former Wood County Jail in West Virginia was a great idea and the perfect setting for all the mayhem. Fan's of wrestling and zombies are going to want to check this one out. "Pro Wrestlers vs Zombies" is an action packed gore fest that delivers the most entertaining battle royal you will ever see.

You can order the DVD for a limited time by visiting the Film's Official Site HERE.

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**** Out Of *****