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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Joe Ciminera, Natalie Swan, Danielle Ventura, Michael Edwards Jr., Anthony Rosas Jr., Daniella Ventura, Theo van Golen, Jim Terriaca, Tiffany Browne-Tavarez, Igor Jokanovic,

Director: Joe Ciminera

Genre: Horror | Thriller

Year: 2012

Rating: R

Bret Fitzpatrick (Joe Ciminera), a wealthy real estate investor located in New York, is caught between reality and the supernatural. There he crosses paths with people who are in a stationary place for the terrible things they have done in their lifetime. As Bret begins to wake up to the dark forces from his devastating past, he confronts members of the underworld and has 24 hours to redeem himself.

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"Purification" tells the story of Bret, a New York real estate investor. When Joe travels back to his home town to evict a tenant who is late of her rent things begin to get very strange. First he walks in front of a car and almost gets hit then he sees a little girl standing at a corner, staring at him. You sense he knows who the little girl is because he follows her and tries to get her attention but she disappears. Things get a lot stranger for Bret after that, you see all he really worries about in his life is making money and being successful regardless if it hurts others. Before long Bret beings to realize what is going on but now he must find a way to save himself from total damnation.

"Purification" is a film that is very hard to talk about without ruining the story for those that have not seen it but it makes for great conversation later. The film is from Acclaimed writer Director Joe Ciminera who also plays the key lead role in the film as well. The film is a total mind trip that engages and captivates you from it's opening frames. An hypnotic thriller with is jammed full of mystery, suspense and horror, it keeps you guessing and wanting more as you cling to the edge of your seat.

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Another amazing fact about the film it that there was no script and dialogue given the day of the shoot, unheard of yet brilliant in it's approach. Shot in Long Island using local talent and done on an obvious low budget the film looks fantastic and Ciminera takes full advantage of his surroundings. The cast did a terrific job playing their roles and Ciminera is amazing as Bret. Like I said before, "Purification" really needs to be seen to be fully appreciated but I can tell you it's a mesmerizing film that is original, unique and thought-provoking, imagine an episode of "The Twilight Zone via Hitchcock" and you might get a small idea of just how amazing the film is. I cannot recommend checking this incredible film out enough. Ciminera is an amazing Filmmaker, I have a good feeling that is going to quickly gain a large audience through strong word of mouth, pick it up today.

Available now on DVD and VOD, you can order the DVD HERE.

Released by Vanguard Cinema

***** Out Of *****