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Cast: MATTY CHRISTIAN, Family and Friends

Director: Christian de Rezendes

Genre: Documentary

Year: 2014

Rating: NR

This inspirational documentary profiles the life of Matthew G. Christian (1983-2009), known as 'Matty' from the town of Canton, Massachusetts, who was born without full limbs and a tongue.

As told through interviews with his parents Allie and Jerry, brother Michael and several close friends and authority figures throughout his life, 'Raising Matty Christian' paints a portrait of an inspiring young man who never took no for an answer, achieved a great deal of success, and set out to live life to the fullest.

I knew a little about this documentary before watching it and pretty much knew it was going to be a good one but nothing could of prepared for what I was about to see. The story of Matty Christian began on 5/17/1983. That was the day Matty was born. What his parents did not know at the time was that Matty would be born without his four limbs being fully developed and without a tongue. This left his parents Allie and Jerry in shock and in great despair but what they did not know at the time was how special their son was going to be. Through interviews with his parents, brother and friends you get to see how special Matty was and how much he touched everyone he came into contact with.

There is so much I can and want to talk about regarding Matty but I do not want to ruin the film either because if you only see one film this year 'Raising Matty Christian' should be that movie. When the film begins and you find out about Matty and his disabilities you want to feel sorry for him but that does not last long because you quickly find out that Matty never felt sorry for himself and he easily tackled any obstacle that got in his way. Matty deserves a lot of credit for living his life to the fullest but a lot of the credit must but also go to his parents, Allie and Jerry who always encouraged Matty to figure out things on his own which made him a better person for it.

It is hard to feel sorry for someone that was so inspirational to so many people. There is no wonder why everyone that knew him loved him so much. Matty's story can also teach us all a lesson or two about living our own lives to the fullest because he never let anything get in his way. During the interviews many people said that he was destined for great things and even though his life was tragically cut short Matty had already done many great things and made the lives of everyone around him that much better.

'Raising Matty Christian' is a film that instantly affects anyone that sees it, you not only think about Matty and his courageous story but you also thing about your own life as well. Everything you have going on in your life that you feel down about is instantly put in to perspective. This is an amazing film about a very special young man that set the bar on living to new heights.

I cannot recommend seeing this incredible film enough and I want to thank Director, Cinematographer, Editor and Producer, Christian de Rezendes for giving me the opportunity to see such a wonderful film.

I encourage everyone to visit the film's Facebook page HERE to find out when and where you can check out this must see film. After the credits began to roll I began to feel a bit envious that I was not one of the many people Matty touched but then I realized that by watching his story I too was touched by him as well. 'Raising Matty Christian' is what great cinema is all about so do yourself a favor and see this film when possible.

Released by Breaking Branches Pictures

***** Out Of *****