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Cast: Ryon Thomas (“The Missing,” “Surviving the Cartel"), Bryanna McQueeney ("Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of the five Acts,” “Thornhill"), Gloria Mann (The Lennon Report, The Cassie Confession, Point Break), Alex Galik (Dante, The Harbinger, Ruin Me), Savannah Whitten (The Grumbling Peapicker, Impossible Monsters), Marco Reese Maldonado (A Killer Romance), Agnes Artych (Edward, “Halston”)

Director: Robert Mann

Genre: Psychological Thriller

Year: 2023

Rating: NR

Realizing they are being secretly video recorded, a wealthy, attractive, New York couple attempt to escape from a secluded AirBnb, all while the owners attempt to kill the husband and hold his wife hostage. But why?

'R BnB' tells the story of Ryan and Mia Davies who are vacationing at a secluded R BnB for their wedding anniversary. Ryan has money and his older than Mia which makes his sister suspicious of Mia and what her motives might be. After arriving they meet the BnB owners, Kylo and Aubree and their help, Haden-Marie and Polina who are not that friendly. The owners seem a bit odd as well but the couple don't give it a second thought and go about enjoying their getaway together.

A lot of movies use flashbacks to help tell their story but Writer/Director, Robert Mann puts a twist to that by showing scenes of what happens later in the film. It does a great job of creating mystery and getting the audience engaged right from the start. There is a lot going on and story remains twisty through out and it also has plenty of action in it as well.

Once the shit hits the fan and the owners motives are revealed the couple's getaway turns into a fight to survive. As I already mentioned Writer/Director, Robert Mann does a great job at keeping everyone interested in knowing what is going to happen to this couple and then you get hit a major twists at the end which I found very satisfying and thought provoking.

The cast were all very good including, Ryon Thomas as Ryan, Bryanna McQueeney as Mia and Gloria Mann (The Lennon Report ) who gives a great performance as Ryan's over-protective , kick-ass sister, Jennifer.

'R BnB' is a psychological thriller that has lots of suspense, mystery and tension that is sure to please those looking for a good time. A intense thriller that I recommend checking out when it comes to TVOD Cable & Satellite on iN Demand, Direct TV, Dish, & Vubiquity. Also available exclusively on TVOD Digital on iTunes, Amazon, Google, Vudu, & Microsoft on 10/03/23 .

Released by MANNATEE FILMS in association with 8Ball Pictures

*** 1/2 Out Of *****