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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Shirley Knight, Tom Skerritt, Danforth Comins

Director: Gary Lundgren

Genre: Drama

Year: 2014

Rating: PG-13

Living in a comfortable retirement community in Southern Oregon, estranged from her family, unsatisfied with her surroundings, and generally not happy about life, Marie (Shirley Knight) decides to journey 80 miles on foot to the coast of Oregon to see the ocean for the first time in 45 years and attend her granddaughter’s wedding as an unexpected guest. Along the way, she meets an extraordinary cast of characters and discovers that you're never too old to learn something about life and about yourself.

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"Redwood Highway" tells the story of Marie, an older woman who feels like she was forced into a retirement home in Oregon by her son Michael. She doesn't get a long with her son and blames him for just about everything. When Michael's daughter decides to wed he wants his mom to ride out with him for the wedding but she thinks the girl is too young to marry and doesn't approve of the "drummer" she is marrying. After her granddaughter calls her and leaves a message saying that Marie doesn't have to come it gets her thinking. So the next morning she packs up a hiking bag and heads out on a 80 mile walk to the west coast to attend the wedding after all.

The film is a journey of an older woman who has become estranged from her family, She encounters many adventures a long the 80 miles and has some good times as well as some rough times she also meets some very nice people and a few not so nice. The whole problem is she never told anyway where she was going so when she goes missing her son and everyone else panics and before you know it there is a search party out looking for her.

Marie is one tough cookie who is tired of being told she cannot do this or that which is why she is determined to walk to the wedding on her own.

I fell in love with Marie, she like other seniors I know tells things the way they are, I would not recommend anyone walk that far but it just shows her pride and stubbornness as well.

"Redwood Highway" is an emotional story that proves coming of age is not just for the young. This is a touching and funny story that pulls at the heart strings.

It has a down to earth story that we can all relate to and it is only made better by the film's amazing cast. Shirley Knight delivers an Oscar worthy performance, She simply owns the film and she makes you fall in love with Marie in every way possible. But she is not alone here, Tom Skerritt is also fantastic as Pete, a man she meets along the way who helps Marie out and gives her so go advice to go by. James LeGros who plays her son and the rest of the supporting cast all did a fine job.

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The film is beautiful to look at as the scenery seems to become a character on its own. This is a film everyone needs to see, it opens our minds and our hearts and it leaves you thinking about it long after it is over. I cannot recommend seeing this film enough, everything about it is a true delight. "Redwood Highway" is a journey worth taking so do yourself a favor and run to see it the first chance you get. You can visit the film's Facebook page HERE to find out when and where you can catch it.

Released by Monterey Media

***** Out Of *****