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Cast: Brian Krause, Aldo Gonzalez, Haidyn Harvey, Kym Jackson, Patrick Hickman, Anna Easteden, Joel Bryant, Chino Binamo, D.C. Douglas, Julia Parker, Ancilla deValmont, Rodriguez Patrick, garrett penwell, Kate Tumanova

Director: Elias Matar

Genre: Psychological Thriller

Year: 2016

Rating: N/A

A wounded young soldier and a psychologically damaged girl get caught in the crossfire between her estranged family and an Armenian hitman.

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"Ribbons" opens with a bang, actually several of them. It quickly change’s scenes and we begin to meet the main characters, to start we meet Vincent Greenlee, a soldier sent home from the war. Vincent is wounded both psychically and mentally. We then meet Rachel, her story is tragic as well. Her mother was/is a stripper and her step dad is no good. Vincent and Rachel meet in a bar and hit it off immediately. One day she tells Vincent she is going to visit her mom and he volunteers to drive her there knowing what her step dad did to her. In the meantime a female detective is hot on the trail of a killer who gunned down a stripper and a money guy for the mob out of Vegas. You probably already guessed that these killings are related to the opening of the film. I am not going to give away anymore of what happens so not to ruin the film for those of you out there who are looking forward to seeing it but I will say that all the characters mentioned have a connection and their stories all intertwine.

The film was written by Edward E. Romero and Directed by Elias Matar who teamed up for the 2010 film, "Ashes" as well. This is a much different film but it continues a pattern with these two men and that is providing a well-written story with superb direction. Matar has brought with him an amazing cast which includes, Haidyn Harvey who plays Rachel, Patrick Hickman who plays Vincent and an actor everyone is familiar with, Brian Krause who is once again phenomenal as the step dad. The rest of the supporting cast all give great performances and there is not a single character wasted.

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"Ribbons" has it all, a story that gets your attention right from the start and keeps it all the way to the end, a cast that brings their characters to life in a realistic and believable way and direction that has you at the edge of your seat wanting to know more. The film also tosses in several twists a long the way to keep the audience off guard. This is a taut psychological thriller that is sure to please.

"Ribbons" will have its premier in Los Angeles - April 14-16th, you can get order tickets HERE and Redlands April 21st. you can order tickets for that show HERE and in Philadelphia 4/27. You can find out more and buy tickets HERE and you can also visit the film's Official Site HERE. The film was it all including plenty of drama, action and thrills. It is tense, suspenseful and intriguing. I think "Ribbons" will do very well from strong word of mouth and once the momentum picks up the sky is the limit here. So be sure to check this gem out.

**** Out Of *****