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Cast: Chin Siu-Ho, Kara Wai, Nina Paw, Anthony “Friend” Chang

Director: Juno Mak

Genre: Foreign, Horror, Martial Arts

Year: 2013

Rating: NR

A washed-up actor, desperate and suicidal, moves into a haunted apartment building where supernatural creatures, ghost hunters, taoist exorcists, and the souls of the undead are among his neighbors.

I was looking forward to watching "Rigor Mortis" and I was not disappointed. On the outside the story looks pretty simple, A washed up actor moves into this run down apartment complex where he plans on ending his life even though he has a wife and son at home. After being saved he finds out that there are ghosts and some other unworldly things like a bad ass vampire as well residing there as well.

The first thing I noticed was how fantastic the film looked and how amazing the sound was, the score is perfect and it enhances each and every scene.

This is not going to be a film for everyone but I recommend it to every art-house/Indie fan out there. Do not expect a full blown horror film here, this is a slow moving film that pays attention to detail and it uses flashback scenes to further develop the characters as the film moves along which I thought was terrific. Now do not get me wrong the film is still full of suspense and it has plenty of spooky and creepy moments in it as well. The effects used in the film are awesome and the twin ghosts are about as chill inducing as it gets.

One word that pops in to my head about the film is style, it is full of it and the action scenes are kick ass as well. I loved this film in every way, it has a terrific story and great characters both alive and dead. The story can be a bit confusing but it does its best to connect all the dots at the end and for the most part it does. Do not be afraid to be in the dark a bit, I was and I still loved it.

"Rigor Mortis" is everything Hollywood is not, Director, Juno Mak and Producer, Takashi Shimizhu deserve a big applause for creating a horror film that scares you to death and makes you think at the same time.

The film is available on Blu-ray and DVD with Special Features that include:


Original Language: Cantonese

Dubbed Language: English

Subtitle: English

You can order the Blu-ray HERE and the DVD HERE.

"Rigor Mortis" is a mesmerizing horror film that slowly reveals its secrets and than it explodes with Martial Arts fight scenes that will blow you away. If you like Asian Cinema then this is a must own.

Released by Well Go USA

***** Out Of *****